Widgets & Gadgets http://windows.novellshareware.com/rss/widgets---gadgets.xml Widgets & Gadgets latest software downloads en-us A Better Button 1.0 Add on for Windows 8 start button gives you back missing menu items lost upgrading to Windows 8, 8.1. Automatically list all the folders from your program files folder. http://windows.novellshareware.com/info/a-better-button.html 13 October, 2014 17:21 Respect Soft Christmas Tree 1.4 Change the colour and size, or add lights, tinsel and a tree topper. When I'm at work, I miss my tree. Weather Clock - Display the exact time, add weather, skins and alarms to your windows clock. http://windows.novellshareware.com/info/respect-soft-christmas-tree.html 25 September, 2014 18:40 SAM - Search and Mining 1.0.0 This seems like such a silly product, a Personal Search Engine. We decided to call it SAM. Windows provides users with a file search capability. Third party vendors offer downloads of search engines, but they may gather statistics. http://windows.novellshareware.com/info/sam---search-and-mining.html 25 September, 2014 18:40 GoodNightPC 1.7.1 GoodNightPC released by Studio Z is a PC-based system utility to automaticly shut down, restart, lock or hibernate your computer. Ideal for saving electricity and cut off your power bill. http://windows.novellshareware.com/info/goodnightpc.html 25 September, 2014 18:40 LiveJournal FriendViewer 1.0 Brand new Google Desktop gadget allows you to view friends' posts directly on the Google Sidebar! The full version displays all of your posts, including friends-only ones! Log in to the LiveJournal and view friends' posts. http://windows.novellshareware.com/info/livejournal-friendviewer.html 25 September, 2014 18:40 GoodNight PC Shutdown 1.7.2 Good Night PC Shutdown will run maintenance task before automaticly shut down, restart, lock or hibernate your computer. Keep your PC in top performance and free virus! Ideal for saving electricity and cut off your power bill! http://windows.novellshareware.com/info/goodnight-pc-shutdown.html 25 September, 2014 18:40 VideoDesktop DreamScape 1.7.1 Dream Scape Video Desktop gives you 6 virtual desktops with live fullscreen video wallpaper. VideoDesktop uses very few of the computers resources. Customize Video or wallpaper on each desktop, Hotkey support and snap shot tool with zoom preview. http://windows.novellshareware.com/info/videodesktop-dreamscape.html 25 September, 2014 18:40 Adobe AIR 1.5 Adobe AIR is a cross-operating system runtime that allows web application developers to use their existing web development skills (HTML, Javascript, Adobe Flash, Adobe Flex, Ajax) to build and deploy rich Internet applications to the desktop.. Adobe. http://windows.novellshareware.com/info/adobe-air.html 25 September, 2014 18:40 ReactOS 0.3.8 Written completely from scratch, it aims to follow the Windows« architecture designed by Microsoft from the hardware level right through to the application level. This is not a Linux based system, and shares none of the unix architecture. http://windows.novellshareware.com/info/reactos.html 25 September, 2014 18:40 Moviefone Oscars Widget 1.0 Can't wait for the Academy Awards? Get ready for Hollywood's biggest party with Moviefone's Oscars Widget, which gives you all the latest scoop on winner predictions, cool trivia and more. Yahoo! http://windows.novellshareware.com/info/moviefone-oscars-widget.html 25 September, 2014 18:40 A Brighter Side of Life 1.25 Some comedy and some quirky aspects of every day life.. Yahoo! Widgets: useful, fun, beautiful little apps for Mac and Windows. http://windows.novellshareware.com/info/a-brighter-side-of-life.html 25 September, 2014 18:40 WidgetDockMod 2.9b Organize, load and spawn all your Widgets, folders, and programs!. Yahoo!. http://windows.novellshareware.com/info/widgetdockmod.html 25 September, 2014 18:40 Widget Converter 2.6 Are you a Widget developer? Do different Widget formats have you down? This Widget will end your misery.Widget Converter will take a Widget which runs in the Yahoo! http://windows.novellshareware.com/info/widget-converter.html 25 September, 2014 18:40 Air Guitar Tuner 2 Tune your air guitar to the tones of the wind with this Air Guitar Tuner.. Yahoo! Widgets: useful, fun, beautiful little apps for Mac and Windows. http://windows.novellshareware.com/info/air-guitar-tuner.html 25 September, 2014 18:40 World Clock Pro 2.9.2 Each city in this Widget has precisely calculated sunrise/sunset times, and the clock's colors change according to whether it's day or night in the monitored region. We even handle the Daylight Saving Time changes automatically! http://windows.novellshareware.com/info/world-clock-pro.html 25 September, 2014 18:40 Qemu Manager 5.0 * Simple, Easy to use GUI for the QEMU emulator. * Create Virtual Machines with the easy to use wizards. * Perform all QEMU tasks with a friendly easy to use interface. * Available for the Windows Platform. http://windows.novellshareware.com/info/qemu-manager.html 25 September, 2014 18:40 LadyBug 1.0 A small ladybug companion for your desktop.. Yahoo! Widgets: useful, fun, beautiful little apps for Mac and Windows. http://windows.novellshareware.com/info/ladybug.html 25 September, 2014 18:40 Audials Music Web TV 1.3.9000 Enjoy the best music TV broadcasters on your PC, free with Audials TV!Either as a TV player for Windows XP or a nifty Windows Vista gadget, Audials TV is the ideal way to get your daily music fix. http://windows.novellshareware.com/info/audials-music-web-tv.html 25 September, 2014 18:40 GSA A/V Guard 3.0.2 It can be used to monitor your small child over audio to have a universal long distance baby phone. Furthermore you can monitor your office room by video. http://windows.novellshareware.com/info/gsa-a-v-guard.html 25 September, 2014 18:40 EnCalc Portable Calculator This project started out because I used the microsoft scientific calculator quite frequently, but it did not do other things that I use on occasion - i.e. conversions, area & volume calculations, and loan calculations. http://windows.novellshareware.com/info/encalc-portable-calculator.html 25 September, 2014 18:40