Unit Conversion Tools http://windows.novellshareware.com/rss/unit-conversion-tools.xml Unit Conversion Tools latest software downloads en-us EuroCalc 2.1 Easy free small Calculator and Euro converter. Stay on top, remove conversion and remove keyboard options. http://windows.novellshareware.com/info/eurocalc.html 25 September, 2014 17:26 Globex 3.0 Suite d'outils: Horloge Mondiale (plus de 260 villes), –≥change MonUtaire (plus de 160 devises), Convertisseur des Mesures (mUtrique, anglais, amUricain), Convertisseur Horaire Mondial, Info sur les Pays, Info sur les Devises ... http://windows.novellshareware.com/info/globex.html 25 September, 2014 17:26 Euro Calculator 3.5 Euro Calculator is a calculator and currency converter with internet agent that collects daily rates. Features include a spreadsheet interface and translucent skins. Calculator and euro conversion functionality never expire (freeware). http://windows.novellshareware.com/info/euro-calculator.html 25 September, 2014 17:24 Financial Advisor 2.6 \A collection of financial tools &amp\; calculators aimed at home and professional users. Features include Mortgage Analysis, Retirement Analysis, Personal Budgeting, Investment and Savings calculations, Future &amp\; Residual Value calculations, and http://windows.novellshareware.com/info/financial-advisor.html 25 September, 2014 17:24 Mortgage Manager Reduction 2000 1.3 Why pay back 3 times the amount you borrowed? Get the Facts. A simple 3 minute download could save you 100's of thousands of dollars on your home loan interest and principal. http://windows.novellshareware.com/info/mortgage-manager-reduction-2000.html 25 September, 2014 17:24 J and L Financial Planner 11.0 The top rated J and L Financial Planner is a financial planning software program that allows you to create simple or complex financial scenarios based on financial events through out your life. http://windows.novellshareware.com/info/j-and-l-financial-planner.html 25 September, 2014 17:24 HowLong 1.0.0 Not only will this little tool will calculate how long it will take to clear out your credit card debt, it calculates how much sooner you can pay off any equity loan that allows early payment and avoid interest costs http://windows.novellshareware.com/info/howlong.html 25 September, 2014 17:24