Timers & Time Synch http://windows.novellshareware.com/rss/timers---time-synch.xml Timers & Time Synch latest software downloads en-us PresenTense Time Client 5.3 PresenTense Time Client is a time client for all versions of Windows. It synchronizes your PC system clock to a GPS or network time server. Supports e-mail and syslog alarm redundancy and can be centrally managed and configured by LanTime Analyzer. http://windows.novellshareware.com/info/presentense-time-client.html 09 October, 2018 12:33 Net Time Server & Client The time synchronization application synchronize your PC's system clock or all PC's system clock in your LAN using. The Time and SNTP time protocols are supported. It can work as SNTP server or client. It can work as a NT/2000/XP/2003/Vista service. http://windows.novellshareware.com/info/net-time-server---client.html 22 July, 2015 07:25 Network Time System 2.0.1 Network Time System allows creation of network time server in corporate network environment establishing interconnected server time synchronization system for each and every machine or device on the network. Supports NTP, SNTP, NTSv2 protocols. http://windows.novellshareware.com/info/network-time-system.html 25 September, 2014 19:29 Network Shutdown Tool 2.7 The program is specifically designed for system administrators.Allows you organize automatic power management for you organizations.Shutdown and wake up the computers of your employees by a schedule. http://windows.novellshareware.com/info/network-shutdown-tool.html 25 September, 2014 18:47 YATS32 Clock Synchronization Software 9.0.3 YATS32 will eliminate you problems with drifting and inaccurate system time. When just any old Internet time synchronizer won't do, take a look at YATS32. http://windows.novellshareware.com/info/yats32-clock-synchronization-software.html 25 September, 2014 18:25 PresenTense Time Client NT/XP/2000/2003/Vista 4.2 PresenTense Time Client is a time client for Windows NT/2000/XP/2003/Vista. It synchronizes your PC system clock to a network time server or local GPS. Supports email and SysLog alarm, redundancy and and can be remotely managed by LanTime Analyser. http://windows.novellshareware.com/info/presentense-time-client-nt-xp-2000-2003-vista.html 25 September, 2014 18:15 PC On/Off Time tracking 2.0 PC On/Off Time graphically shows the working time on your computer of the last 3 weeks without logging your computer before. PC On/Off Time works with Windows NT,2000,XP. http://windows.novellshareware.com/info/pc-on-off-time-tracking.html 25 September, 2014 18:13 Net Time Server & Client The time synchronization application synchronize your PC's clock or all PC's clock in your LAN using various time server types commonly available on TCP/IP networks such as the Internet or LAN, And multiple time protocols are supported. http://windows.novellshareware.com/info/net-time-server---client.html 25 September, 2014 18:11 iTimeSync 1.502 The accuracy of your PCs clocks is important for many reasons, but keeping it that way can be a chore. iTimeSync does the job for you by contacting one of many NIST time servers over the internet. http://windows.novellshareware.com/info/itimesync.html 25 September, 2014 18:05 Advanced Time Synchronizer Advanced Time Synchronizer is a powerful and easy-to-use PC clock synchronizer working with time servers via the Internet. http://windows.novellshareware.com/info/advanced-time-synchronizer.html 25 September, 2014 17:48 Absolute Time Server 5.8 Absolute Time Server is a full-featured time server, which works as windows service and is fully RFC-868 and RFC-2030 compatible. http://windows.novellshareware.com/info/absolute-time-server.html 25 September, 2014 17:47 Absolute Time Corrector 7.6 Absolute Time Corrector (ATC) queries NIST timeservers using the Internet and then compares NIST time to the time setting of the host computer. If there is a disparity, ATC automatically adjusts the computer's time to reflect NIST time. http://windows.novellshareware.com/info/absolute-time-corrector.html 25 September, 2014 17:47