Text Search & Replace http://windows.novellshareware.com/rss/text-search---replace.xml Text Search & Replace latest software downloads en-us Access Database Repair 2.0 PDS Access Database repair tool perfectly recover corrupt MDB files and instantly repair MS Access database.Access file repair tool easily scan entire access database from damaged or corrupted .MDB files. http://windows.novellshareware.com/info/access-database-repair.html 25 September, 2014 18:47 SearchGun 1.3 \SearchGun is a full-text search utility . Search any files on your computer or local network by it content and file name. It will find anything you're looking for, even if you don't know how to spell them, or it is misspelled in the files. http://windows.novellshareware.com/info/searchgun.html 25 September, 2014 17:45 SoftSearch 1.4 Easy way to search software! Ligthweight IE toolbar. Just type software title and get link. http://windows.novellshareware.com/info/softsearch.html 25 September, 2014 17:45 Find It 4.01 Try a lightning fast file/text finder with a rich set of features. Searching criteria includes files/folders with include/exclude filters. The unique Logical Text phrasing can help you quickly pinpoint text, or a combination of keywords in any file. http://windows.novellshareware.com/info/find-it.html 25 September, 2014 17:45 Advanced Find and Replace 2.3 Search files with smart queries as with AltaVista, replace simple or multiline text in multiple files. The batch replace operation easily updates hundreds of different links in several files. Extremely fast, easy to use, with excellent help. http://windows.novellshareware.com/info/advanced-find-and-replace.html 25 September, 2014 17:45 Eluent Tools 1.90 Eluent Tools is a collection of utilities that includes Eluent Replace, a GUI-based, interactive, multi-file search and replace tool that uses Perl regular expressions and scripting, Eluent Find, a file contents searcher and viewer, and much more. http://windows.novellshareware.com/info/eluent-tools.html 25 September, 2014 17:45 Finders Keepers 2.02.2 Search files 4 ways: plain-text, grep expressions, fuzzy, and sound-alike. Find even misspelled text. View files 6 ways. Replace text in multiple files. Index files to find a word on your hard drive in less than a second! Zip found files. http://windows.novellshareware.com/info/finders-keepers.html 25 September, 2014 17:45 CiAN Text Replacer v3.0 CiAN Text Replacer v3.0 is a comprehensive Mass Text Replacement utility. If you need to replace text strings or entire paragraphs in hundreds of files, and batch it on a single process, then this is the product you are looking for!. http://windows.novellshareware.com/info/cian-text-replacer.html 25 September, 2014 17:45 File Substring Replacement Utility 11.1 \A shareware program that performs search and replace operations on multiple substrings in multiple files. Case-insensitive, \\whole word\\, and wildcard searches are supported.\ http://windows.novellshareware.com/info/file-substring-replacement-utility.html 25 September, 2014 17:45 InternetNotePad! 1.5 InternetNotePad! is just like the notepad program issued with Windows machines, but allows you to work over the Internet. http://windows.novellshareware.com/info/internetnotepad-.html 25 September, 2014 17:45 12Ghosts Notepad 8.09 Editor with unlimited text size, font formatting, and easy-to-use editing hotkeys. 12-Notepad has interesting automation for saving (every 1/2 second), copying (on selection), scrolling (move mouse to top or button), and closing (on focus lost). http://windows.novellshareware.com/info/12ghosts-notepad.html 25 September, 2014 17:45