Source Code Source Code latest software downloads en-us ReSharper 7.1 ReSharper is the leading Visual Studio productivity tool that helps .NET developers by providing code refactoring and inspections, blazing fast navigation, and coding assistance. Create and improve code in C#, VB.NET, ASP.NET, XAML and more. 25 September, 2014 19:29 Batch Text File Editor 5.0 Batch-Notepad that can replace, insert, delete, copy, and move text in multiple files in bulk! Perform advanced search and replace operations using RegEx substitutions. Supports multi-line replace, wildcards, match selection, case matching, Unicode! 25 September, 2014 18:49 Batch File Replace 5.0 Search and replace text and raw bytes in multiple files. Features include: multi-line text entry; full support for RegEx with syntax highlighting and match substitutions; built-in hex editor to replace bytes; wildcards and case-sensitivity; Unicode. 25 September, 2014 18:49 Batch RegEx 5.0 Replace, format, and extract text in multiple files using Regular Expressions. Perform GREP-like tasks including search and replace, RegEx substitutions, data extraction, and more! Built-in RegEx editors support color syntax highlighting and tips. 25 September, 2014 18:49 Find it EZ Source Code Analysis 4.1.2 Find it EZ Source Code Analysis,the #1 universal software search engine that improves productivity for IT professionals who use databases (schema, data and SQL code), Business Intelligence reports or programming languages (Java,, C/C++, etc.) 25 September, 2014 18:48 Salt for Sap 2.0 Salt is a change intelligence software for SAP solutions that monitors change activity and helps you know the state of change across all SAP systems at all times. 25 September, 2014 18:48 Salt Apps for Sap 1.7 Salt is designed for SAP project team members to make working with SAP easier, faster and more productive.Salt can make a significant difference to your day. 25 September, 2014 18:48 website submitter MPS 2 2.4 submit quickly to free and friendly link directories:the essential way to make your website successful. MyPersonalSubmitter SEO software includes automatic submissions, backlinks management.Try free demo. 25 September, 2014 18:23 Tabs Studio 1.7.0 With Tabs Studio the user is able to better manage all open documents in Visual Studio, grouped and organized in an efficient way. 25 September, 2014 18:20 SuperEdi 4.2.2 SuperEdi is a text editor with syntax coloring and build-in FTP client. The build-in directory tree helps you locate files quickly without opening the Windows Explorer. 25 September, 2014 18:20 Rapid CSS Editor 2008 9.52 With Rapid CSS Editor you can quickly and easily create and edit style sheets of any complexity. You can write the CSS and (X)HTML code manually or let the program do it for you. 25 September, 2014 18:16 Polystyle Source Code Formatter 3.3u Automatically reformat other's code in your own style with just a point and click! Polystyle reformats HTML, C/C++, PHP, Javascript, CSS, C#, Java, Perl, JSP, Python, Delphi, Visual Basic, ASP, Actionscript and XML. 25 September, 2014 18:14 PHP Debugger PHP Debugger is a powerful PHP project development tool which integrated with PHP code editing and debugging. 25 September, 2014 18:14 Multi-Edit 2008 11.01.00 Multi-Edit 2008 delivers, a powerful IDE, with its speed, depth, and support for over 50 languages. Enhanced search functions include Perl 5 Regular Expressions and definable filters. Supports large DOS/Windows, UNIX, binary and Mac files. 25 September, 2014 18:09 HTMLPad 2008 Pro 9.4 HTMLPad is a quick and sophisticated all-in-one HTML, XHTML, CSS, JavaScript and server side script editor with utf-8 unicode support. 25 September, 2014 18:04 HTMLPad 2007 Pro 8.3 HTMLPad is a quick and sophisticated all-in-one HTML, XHTML, CSS, JavaScript and server side script editor with utf-8 unicode support. 25 September, 2014 18:04 Free Hex Editor Neo View, Edit and Analyze Hexadecimal Data and Binary Files of any Size. Free Hex Editor Neo is a large files optimized freeware hex editor for everyone who works with ASCII, hex, decimal, float, double and binary data. 25 September, 2014 18:02 ConTEXT Editor 0.98.6 ConTEXT is small, fast and powerful text editor for software developers. 25 September, 2014 17:55 Multi-Edit Lite for SAS 2006 10.03.00 Multi-Edit Lite for SAS 2006 is a modern IDE that is customizable, extendable and allows the creation of your own tools, capable of operating within the editing environment. Support included for over 50 languages. Edit within a single environment! 25 September, 2014 17:33 IDM.Net Config Manager Spr?va a zpracov?nY .Net.Win a .Net.Web App.config souboru. GUI aplikace pracujYcY nad b?zovrmi knihovnami IDM.Net.SysLib.Configuration. Silnr n?stroj urcenY k vytv?renY, spr?ve, modifikaci a vizualizaci u?ivatelskrch configuracnYch nastavenY. 25 September, 2014 17:33