Personal Finance Personal Finance latest software downloads en-us Barcode Label Maker Library Perfect yet simple barcode image generator program is available on that helps to nonprofessional user for easily modify good quality library bar codes in any font, color and images from inbuilt setting option. 25 September, 2014 19:30 Barcode Maker Software Barcode Maker Software is offered by company on website that is helpful to create colorful labels and sticker. 25 September, 2014 19:29 Word 2 PDF Converter Tool 11.02.01 Word to PDF converter tool is outstanding software developed to convert Word files into PDF format. It is available with free trial version for evaluating its features and functionalities. 25 September, 2014 18:49 Advanced ID Creator Professional 9.5.243 Create and print professional ID cards and badges instantly! Advanced ID Creator allows you to create great looking id cards. Use the wide variety of tools to add text, graphics, shapes, barcodes, shadows and other effects to your design. 25 September, 2014 18:48 Kelley Blue Book for Used Cars 1.0 The Kelley Blue Book is the most dependable resource there is with regards to pricing and valuing used and new cars, motorboats,and motorbikes.Now the KBB can easily be accessed over the internet. 25 September, 2014 18:48 Advanced RSS Mixer Professional 3.21.101 Combines different free RSS feeds (news, press releases and articles) into one. Advanced RSS Mixer can automatically download new RSS feeds, merge them together and upload it to your server - all without your intervention. 25 September, 2014 18:47 Bubble Maps Software 9.0 MM4XL software-Bubble maps, scatter plot and circle charts in Excel.Useful for marketing segmentation,association and prediction analysis 25 September, 2014 18:47 Flip Printer 3.1 Flip Printer is an utility designed to create professional-quality flash flip book by simply selecting the Print command from virtual printer in any application 25 September, 2014 18:47 HS X.25 and RFC1613 XOT C Source Library 1.3.13 HS X.25 is a software library in C (supplied with full source code) which implements ITU-T recommendation X.25. Includes RFC1613 Cisco XOT module for X.25 over IP applications. 25 September, 2014 18:46 Idea Knot for PC \Collect a library of inspired text ideas, each with a descriptive name of your choice, inside a special XML document. This particular collection offers you two primary advantages: instant access while inspired\; reuse relevant ideas in many places.\ 25 September, 2014 17:15 TrayNote Plus 5.3 \NEW! TrayNote Plus: The Only Internet Enabled Sticky NotePad! With easy one-click access, this is the ideal \\forget-not\\ utility!\ 25 September, 2014 17:15 SuperNotes 1.5 SuperNotes is a feature-rich desktop sticky notes application. It allows you to record and organize information without cluttering up your desk with scraps of paper. 25 September, 2014 17:15 Quick Notes Plus 5.0 Create skinnable Sticky Notes on windows desktop. Set alarms to each note, arrange notes inside memoboards to avoid desktop clutter. Send notes over network or as email. Stick notes to documents and websites. Skins are downloadable. 25 September, 2014 17:15 StickyNote Deluxe StickyNote is the most popular virtual sticky notes program in the world. With StickyNote 9.0, you can create beautiful 3D notes on your desktop or send them instantly over the Internet 25 September, 2014 17:15 Barcode Magic 3.1 Create custom barcodes for home, hobby, or retail with user-friendly Barcode Magic software. Simply select a bar code style and font, enter text and numbers, and a barcode is automatically generated in the desired UPC, Code 128, or Postnet format. 25 September, 2014 17:14 Golden Inventory System 2.2 This is a complete inventory management system that performs the functions of Purchases, Sales and payments. This system will guide you through the creation of vendors list, purchase orders, products list, receiving lists, sales orders, invoices, sal 25 September, 2014 17:11 CardCheck 2.2 CardCheck verifies credit card numbers to ensure they are genuine. CardCheck supports: Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Diners Club and Discover cards. Cards can be checked individually or in batches. 25 September, 2014 17:11 Invoice Store 4.0 The Invoice Store is a complete Invoicing, POS, Estimating and Customer Tracking software product for the small business. Perfect for any mailorder, retail, service business or any business that requires invoicing or sales. 25 September, 2014 17:11