Covert Surveillance Covert Surveillance latest software downloads en-us HomeGuard Activity Monitor 2.2.5 HomeGuard is an advanced parental control and activity monitoring tool for family and child safety online and offline. Once installed HomeGuard will silently and automatically block all inappropriate content online... 19 April, 2016 06:30 HomeGuard Activity Monitor 64 bit 2.2.5 HomeGuard is an advanced parental control and activity monitoring tool for family and child safety online and offline. Once installed HomeGuard will silently and automatically block all adult and inappropriate content online... 04 April, 2016 07:48 HomeGuard Professional 64 bit 2.2.5 HomeGuard professional is an easy to use software with extensive monitoring and blocking features for tracking and controlling the use of computers in home and office networks. Features include a website filter, program blocker, keylogger...and more. 31 March, 2016 08:00 REFOG Employee Monitor Enhance employee efficiency and enforce your confidence by tracking employee activities. Refog Employee Monitor tracks and records keystrokes, tracks applications and data, logs IM conversations, and records Web sites that they visit. 17 December, 2014 07:13 REFOG Terminal Monitor A surveillance software to monitor employee activities on the Terminal Server, prevent security breaks and control how much time employees spend for work and for leisure. Allows administrators to track user compliance to company policies. 25 September, 2014 19:40 SpyAgent 8.22 Worried about how others are using your computer? SpyAgent is the ultimate all-in-one, computer monitoring solution that can log all keystrokes, emails, websites, applications, internet connections, chats, emails, and more - invisibly. 25 September, 2014 19:40 LanAgent Standard 4.3.15 Monitor all computers in the local network with LanAgent. Sites visited, programs opened, clipboard contents, screenshots - all this data will be secretly recorded and sent to your computer at any time. Your employees are always in your focus! 25 September, 2014 19:37 Reliable Internet Security Software i13.7 Protegent Internet Security is the renowned brand offering immense opportunities to cope with ever growing need of data security from threat coming from network and other systems. Additionally, also provide cure to data loss with recovery methods. 25 September, 2014 19:37 Activity Reporter Software Activity Reporter is pc observation and keystroke recorder software package that acts as a perfect spy and updates you regarding every each|and each} activity of the pc while not data of user that their every keystroke and net is being monitored. 25 September, 2014 19:36 Advanced Parental Control Software Advanced Parental Control Software is capable to monitor overall activities of your system including visited website url, web searches, clipboard content details, chat details, composed emails, password etc from your PC. 25 September, 2014 19:35 Computer Monitoring Software Activity Logger is your key to safe workplace surveillance and improved organizational productivity. It monitors every activity of a computer user and generates detailed reports for the same, hence allowing employers to keep tabs on their employees. 25 September, 2014 19:34 Monitoring Softwares Company offers Monitoring Software download from provides easy manner to see your business staff or partners activities on computer system which performed in your absence. 25 September, 2014 19:33 Monitoring Program Monitoring Program is easily available at helps to find out your children, spouse, friends and guest user activity on your personal computer while you are out. 25 September, 2014 19:31 Remote Monitoring Software To monitor entire internet and system actions of external unauthorized users performed on your system, use advanced Remote Monitoring Software provided at url that secretly traces each and every activity. 25 September, 2014 19:30 Free Parental Control Free Parental Control software track online activities on stealth mode to record details of usage performed by unwanted user, so get this utility available from company 25 September, 2014 19:30 PC Monitoring Software PC Monitoring Software is available at website URL provides facility to generate log sheets for recording details of activities performed on computer. 25 September, 2014 19:30 Professional Parental Control Software Professional Parental Control Software download from company website secretly monitor overall system activity of unauthorized user in surveillance mode. 25 September, 2014 19:30 Internet Parental Control Software Use advanced and technically strong Internet Parental Control Software from url to help you easily monitor all keystroke characters pressed by external users on your system while you are away. 25 September, 2014 19:29 Monitoring Software Emails website offers to download Monitoring Software Emails to protect your personal computer system from external user unauthorized access in proficient manner. 25 September, 2014 19:29 Belkasoft Facebook Profile Saver 1.0 Free tool to save the content of Facebook users' profiles for offline use. Designed for computer forensic and IT security specialists, the tool automates the routine of downloading Facebook pages and resources for offline examination and printout. 25 September, 2014 19:29