Workman's Job Clock

Workman's Job Clock

If you are an hourly worker, often the time you say you put in can be different from the time your employer says you worked. Keep a daily, weekly, monthly and annual record of your time! Don't get cheated. After all, it's YOUR money! Workman's Job Clock provides a simple, quick method for the hourly worker to track his time each day, week, month and for the year. Tools for calculating work hours and accounting for exceptions to the work week are provided to help the worker have an accurate record of his time on the job to compare with what his employer says he worked. Setup helps you establish \\Regular Time\\ which you work on a weekly basis to make recording your hours easy. Shortcut key combinations make data entry quick and painless. Color coding helps to make reviewing work records for the year fast\; just scroll down through the year and see what you have done! An \\Up to the minute Annual Stats\\ form displays several key statistics of what you have done for the year at all times in the lower right hand corner of your Timesheet. A thorough Help File System documents every part of the Programs features, and Step by Step instructions are available in Context form throughout the Program and during Setup of a new Timesheet. Free updates and initial customer support are available for Registered users. Free trial download is available so that you can evaluate just how much Workman's Job Clock can help you keep your money.

Published By:DB Computer Company

License Type:Commercial

Date Added:17 March, 2011




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Platform: Windows

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