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WinPST Share Outlook allows your organization to share Microsoft Outlook Calendars, Mails, Contacts, Tasks, Journals and Notes amongst its staff without Microsoft Exchange Server. In addition to sharing users' personal folders with other members of staff, it is possible, using WinPST Share Outlook, to define public shared folders, for example, shared contacts and holiday calendars, which may be made available to any members of staff.The contents below lists the features in WinPST Share Outlook:
General features
1. Sharing Outlook folders to other users
2. Public Folders available to any user
3. User groups for easy access rights administration
4. Access rights to specific folders administration
5. Configurable synchronization schedule
6. Optional capability for clients to share their own folders
7. Optional synchronization of attachments and appoitmentsSecurity features
1. Administrator tool for configuring folder access rights
2. Administrator tool for configuring users to administer access rights to their own folders
3. Choice of None/Read/Create/Edit/Delete access rights of folders
4. SSL protocol communication
5. Log communicationPlatform
* Runs on either JET or SQL Server database platformWhen WinPST Share Outlook is installed, you gain access to your colleagues' personal Outlook folders under a WinPST Share Outlook Public Folder, which is added to your folder list.Any users that you have access to are listed under this WinPST Share Outlook Public Folder and any of these users' folders that you have been granted access to appear under the relevant user.With the administrator tool, you have full control over deciding which users can share which other users' folders and you can specify what level of access these users have to each others' folders.You can also use WinPST Share Outlook to help you organize meetings.WinPST Administrator is the software which let you have the full control of the users, their shared folders and the public folders. It plays the vital role in the entire WinPST program coordination.The Specific controls are as follows:
1. Add, eidit and delete users/groups;
2. Add, eidit and delete personal folders/public folders;
3. Grant Access to a Specific Folder;
4. Grant Access to all the Folders of a User;
5. Modify general settings for WinPST, such as synchronization schedule, authorizing capability for users to administer access to their folders and so on.The WinPST Navigation Pane shows a tree list containing the currently defined list of users, groups and public folders.
Select WinPST Server in the WinPST Navigation Pane, you can see the welcome screen above with the Registration Status and Support section.
1. If you have not yet purchased WinPST, you can click here to browse to the Purchase page of the WinPST Web Site. Also, you can know the time left for the trial period.
2. If you have any questions when testing WinPST, please click here to get more details about our Support System.

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