WindowsPager is a desktop-switcher/pager for Windows Vista/XP/2000 to manage 'virtual' workspaces/desktops. It will integrate smoothly into the desktop panel.Features:
* virtual Desktops, Workspaces for Windows Vista/XP/2000integration into the panel
* several patterns
* move windows between the Desktops by drag 'n drop or by using the windows menuoptional Keyboard Shortcuts for switching the Desktop
* Set a window "sticky": always visible
* "Mini-Windows" give an overview from each Desktop
* support for "Flashing-Windows" (notify for new messages in Mirc for example)
* keep a window above all others by selecting "Always on top" from the windows-menu
* drag `n drop between Desktops
* no administrator rights necessary
* no installation
* safe: automatic Window restore even on crash by use of two seperate processes.

Pager - Pager For Windows - Virtual Desktops - Virtual Workspaces - Desktop - Workspace


License Type:Freeware

Date Added:26 November, 2012




Size:6.6 MB

Platform: Macintosh

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