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Track your vitals with a professional system. Home Monitoring of Blood pressure is very important to prevent and control hypertension. Many people monitor blood pressure and pulse but cannot analyse complete history. TrackMy Blood Pressure Monitoring Software allows you to enter your readings (systolic and diastolic blood pressure), graphically shows the trends, gives average, min/max for any defined period of time and also indicates which readings are out of normal range. The software can be used for groups or multiple users.Vital Monitoring System TrackMyBP Features:
1. Monitor Blood Pressure, Systolic, Diastolic, Pulse
2. Monitor Trends
3. Check for events outside normal range
4. Graphical Representation
5. Create groups or multi usersVital Monitoring System allows you to display one or more vitals in a chart. There are two available chart types: multi-display and normal range display.
1. Multi-Display
With a multi-display chart, you can visualize up to four single variables. Click on the "Multi-Display" menu button in the icon bar, and select the variable you want to display on the chart. Repeat this step to select multiple variables. Selected variables are checked in the menu. The selected variables history will be traced in different colors. Look at the legend to know which color represents which variable.In "auto" mode, all the entries for the selected variables will appear on the graph. You can choose a different time range with the buttons atop of the graph. A basic analysis is performed for the selected variables and time range: the peaks and averages are displayed in the Analysis box.To clear the chart and the multi-display menu (uncheck all variables), click on the "Clear chart" icon in the icon bar. It is the icon representing a chart and a red x sign. You can also deselect a single variable by clicking on it in the multi-display menu.2. Normal Range Display
Vital Monitoring System also gives you the possibility to display a "normal range" chart to see if your vitals stayed within the normal values. Click on the "Normal Range Display" menu button and select the vital. You can only select one variable in this mode. The history will be traced as well as the normal minimum and maximum values. If some entries are above the maximum, it will be indicated with a dark red filled area. Likewise, a dark purple area indicates entries below the minimum.Like in the multi-display mode, you can choose a different time range, see a basic analysis and clear the chart.

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