Virtual Font Folder


Virtual Font Folder synchronizes your installed fonts with the contents of another folder or network share.
Virtual Font Folder watches a user specified folder or network share for changes. When one or more TrueType, OpenType or Type 1 files are added to the folder, they will be installed in Windows for use by applications. When font files are removed from this folder, VFF will also uninstall them from Windows.
Multiple PCs can watch the same folder or network share. This is outstanding tool for synchronizing font resources across a network.
Virtual Font Folder is for Windows XP and Vista.
How is this useful?
* You may want to keep the required fonts for a project in a separate folder. While working on the project, drag the required fonts to the secondary font folder and they will be installed. When you are finished with the project, drag them out of the folder and they will be uninstalled.
* If you are a network administrator, you can ensure all the users on your network have the same set of fonts. Users install Virtual Font Folder on their workstations and point it to a network share. When fonts are added or removed from this folder, the changes will be replicated on the workstations in the network.
Virtual Font Folder is a shareware application. This means you can download the program free of charge and take it for a test drive to see if it meets your needs. It has a complete uninstaller to cleanly remove the program from your system if needed. So why not download Virtual Font Folder today?
Feature List:
* Virtual Font Folder is a small software that monitors a user-designated folder for font file additions and deletions.
* When one or more font files are placed in the watched folder, VFF copies these fonts to the Windows Fonts folder (typically c:\windows\fonts) and installs them. This makes them available for use in other applications.
* When one or more font files are removed from the watched folder, VFF uninstalls these fonts and deletes them from the Windows Fonts folder.
* Font changes and other software events are written out to a scrolling log window on the main screen.
* Application minimizes to system tray (optional).
* Options for starting when Windows starts up, immediately start watching a folder when started, start minimized, minimize to tray, etc.
* Supports watching network shares for font changes. This can help network administrators manage font installations across a network.
* Supports TrueType, OpenType and Adobe Type 1 fonts.
* Virtual Font Folder is 32 bit program and can be used on Windows Vista or XP with the .NET Framework 2.0 runtime installed.
* Professional looking, supports Windows Vista & XP Visual Styles and themes.
* Includes complete help system.
* Setup gets you up and running quickly. When needed, the included uninstaller removes the software and all DLL files.

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License Type:Shareware

Date Added:19 July, 2012



Size:1.0 MB

Platform: Macintosh

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