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TechnoRiverStudio (formerly SmartCodeStudio) is an industry-leading label design / barcode software that implements modern barcodes. This includes the GS1-DataBar, which is expected to be the next major barcode symbology used on many trade items. The software also supports multi-language labels, allowing different languages to be entered on the same layout and enables users to design labels targeted for the international market. TechnoRiverStudio features advanced barcode helpers that aid users with data input and offers a versatile engine that is able to handle various printing tasks. If you need to automate barcodes printing tasks within your organization, TechnoRiverStudio exposes an advanced commandline interface that can be invoked programmatically. TechnoRiverStudio offers many powerful features like WYSIWYG label design, image acquisition, image/vector graphics support, rich text formatting, advanced print options, circular text, clipart library, MICR, white on black text, flexible barcode settings, database integration, records filtering, print process management, mail merging, serialization and expandable label stock database. The user interface is highly intuitive and easy to use.TechnoRiverStudio's robust barcode engine is highly accurate and implements all the widely used 1D/2D barcodes in the industry : CODE128, CODE39, CODE39 FULL ASCII, CODE93, EAN13, EAN8, I2OF5, ISBN (ISBN13), ISMN (13-digit), ISSN, MSI, ,POSTNET, RATIONAL CODABAR, GS1-128, GS1-DataBar (formerly RSS14 family - Limited, Stacked, Stacked Omni and Truncated), S2OF5, UCCEAN128, UPCA, UPCE, UPC Extension 2, UPC Extension 5, Royal Mail, Australian 4-State PDF417, QR Code, Micro QR and Datamatrix,USPS OneCode.This version introduces the OCR Text (Optical Character Recognition) feature that lets you create labels and documents that can be scanned with high accuracy. The OCR-A and OCR-B characters also integrate well with the Human Readable Text of the barcodes. Specifications Design FeaturesL True WYSIWYG editorL "One-Touch" drag drop User InterfaceL High Precision On-Screen DisplayL Full color editorL Advance Print PreviewL Multiple Document InterfaceL Full color editorL Multiple Objects SelectionL Automatic Objects AlignmentL Objects GroupingL Grid OptionsL Snap to GridL Undo/RedoL Concurrent Object Properties updateL Graphics import in different formatsL Metric and US Measurement SystemsL Label Password ProtectionTextL Full Text OptionsL Autofit TextL Autowrap Fitting TextL Automatic Stretchable TextL Circular TextL Border TextL RotationL WrappingL Rich Text SupportL White on Black TextL Print-time Data PromptL Date/Time specificationL Paragraph SupportL Linked Field TextL Database integrationL Currency TextL Number To Words ConversionL MICR Text ObjectL OCR Text Object - NewGraphicsL Vector GraphicsL Clip artL Image rotationL Image aspect preservationL Print-time Data PromptL Image FiltersL Acquired image editing - crop, flip, rotateDesign ObjectsL RectangleL Round RectangleL EllipseL LineL Rounded rectangle cornersL Border SpecificationL Corner Roundness SpecificationL Border Thickness SpecificationL TransparencyL RotationL GradientL Gradient RatioL Pattern filling (Over 50 types)L "One-Touch" quick drop of objectsL RFID LogosDatabase SupportL Microsoft Access and ExcelL Microsoft SQL ServerL ASCII Text Files (.csv, .txt and .tab)L dBaseL FoxProL ODBC DataSource File/NameL OLE DBL MySqlL PostgreSQLL InterbaseL InformixL SybaseL DB2L ParadoxL OracleL Standalone databaseL Integrated database editorL Networking and data sharing supportL Concurrent Multiple Database supportL User CredentialsL Text File Schema SpecificationL One Touch DatabaseL Create DatabaseL Database Fields EditorL Apply Functions to DB dataFilter and Sort RecordsL Flexible and powerful records selectionL Select multiple records for printingL Specify range of records for printingL Custom SQL for records selectionL Records sorting with multiple orderingL Records filtering with multiple criteriaBarcode SupportL Industry standard adherenceL Precise bar width specificationL Stretchable Bar Width specificationL Database integration barcodesL Advanced SerializationL Sequentially Numbered Bar CodesL Print-time Data PromptL Start/Stop character specificationL Human readable text optionsL Human readable Text EffectsL OCR Human Readable Text - NewL Automatic Check DigitL Wide-to-narrow bar specificationL Fixed Data SourceL Linked Field BarcodeL Variable Data Source - database and counterL Readable Text FormattingLinked Field FunctionsL LeftPadL RightPadL LengthL UpperCaseL LowerCaseL TrimL LeftL RightL MidL RoundL Prepend FNC1L Append FNC1Counter and SerializationL Serialized text and barcode objectsL Numeric and alpha-numeric countersL Decimal and base number systemsL Prefix and suffix optionsL Start and Step OptionsL Padding optionsL Custom PadL Start Value from Prompt FileL Minimum and Maximum specificationL Sampling illustrationRFID supportL RAW EPC 64/96L SGTIN 64/96L SSCC 64/96L SGLN 64/96L GRAI 64/96L GIAI 64/96L DOD/UID 64/96L GID 96L ISO 15693 FIM BarsL FIM AL FIM BL FIM CL FIM D Barcode Supported (Linear)L CODE128 (Auto)L CODE128 (A, B, C)L CODE39L CODE39 FULL ASCIIL CODE93L EAN13 (with extension support)L EAN8 (with extension support)L HIBC (Health Care Industry)L I2OF5L Circular I2OF5L GS1 DataBarL GS1 DataBar LimitedL GS1 DataBar StackedL GS1 DataBar Stacked OmnidirectionalL GS1 DataBar TruncatedL GS1-128L ISBN (with extension support)L ISBN13 (with 979 support)L ISMNL ISSN (with extension support)L ITF14L MSIL POSTNETL Australian 4-StateL Royal MailL RATIONAL CODABARL RSS14L RSS14 LimitedL RSS14 StackedL RSS14 Stacked OmnidirectionalL RSS14 TruncatedL S2OF5L UCCEAN128 (Full AI Wizard support)L Multipart UCCEAN128L UPCA (with extension support)L UPCE (with extension support)L UPC Extension 2L UPC Extension 5Barcode Supported (2D)L PDF417 (including Truncation, ECC Level, Data Columns specification support)L Data Matrix (including Square and Rectangular Type Specification)L QR Code (with Kanji support)L Micro QR CodePredefined Label StockL Huge database of industry templatesL LabelsL PaperL CardL Name BadgesL CD/DVDL EnvelopesL Templates CustomizationL Templates ManagementL Label Background/RegionsL User DatabaseL Advanced Templates SearchImage Acquisition L Digital camera supportL Webcam supportL Scanner supportL TWAIN compatible deviceL Image file L Cropping L BarcodesL PhotographsL SignaturesImage EditorL Insert images from camera, scanner, database or disksL Preserve Image Aspect RatioL Crop and rotate imagesL Prompt for image pathL Horizontal and Vertical Flipping of imagesL Save edited images to disk or databasePrint ManagerL Integrated Print PreviewL Print document design in one easy stepL Printing Order and PositionL Reverse Printing OrderL Specify number of labels (including database field)L Identical Copies optionsL Select pages for printL Destination printer selectionL Paper source selectionL Start Position specificationL Automatic paper detectionL Specify print methodL Apply calibrationL Label Crop MarksL Mail MergingL Interrupt or cancel print jobL True Windows DriversL Local and Network Printer SupportAutomation (Command Line)L Print specific labels to a printer or to a printer compliant PRN fileL Specify number of labels to printL Specify the Start position of label within pageL Shift the printout horizontally or verticallyL Specify the Printing orderL Specification of CropmarksL Specification of SQL (Structured Query Languages) to select the records to be printedIntegrationL Design of TemplatesL Template and Data separationL Directory scanning of Data FilesL Email scanning of Data FilesL Platform Independent IntegrationL Printer Number IntegrationPrinter SupportL Autonics L Argox L Avery DennisonL Blazeprint L Brady L Cab L CanonL C. Itoh L Century L Citizen L CognitiveL Compuprint L Comtec L DatamaxL Datasouth L EdiGuard L Eltron L EPCL Epson L Etimark L ETISYS L FacitL Fargo L Genicom L Godex L Hewlett-Packard L IBM L Intermec L ItaloraL Lapis L Lexmark L Magicard L MarkemL Markpoint L Meto L Monarch L MPHL Novexx L Okabe L Okidata L Panasonic L Paxar L Persona L Pitney BowesL Pressiza L Printronix L Quick LabelL SATO L System Wave L DatasouthL TEC L Tektronix L Texas InstrumentsL Tharo L UBI L Ultra L UnimarkL VIPColor L Xerox L ZebraInternational Languages SupportL EnglishL FrenchL GermanL ItalianL Simplified ChineseL Traditional ChineseL JapaneseL KoreanL ThaiL MalayL VietnameseL GreekL BalticL LatinL CyrillicL TurkishL PortugueseL ArabicL HebrewL NordicL Icelandic. TechnoRiver - Barcode Software and Components, RFID and Label Software.

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Platform: Win Vista/2000/2003/NT 4.x/XP

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SmartCodeStudio is an industry-leading label design/barcode software that supports modern barcodes ( USPS OneCode, ISB13, RSS, QR, Circular) and Multi-Language labels. It includes enterprise features and is capable of interfacing with mobile devices.

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SmartCodeStudio Professional
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