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Revolutionize database development. dbMaestro TeamWork is a database change management solution that helps organizations truly take control of the database development process, reducing costs by improving process driven automation, visibility and quality over the DB change management process.TeamWork helps you achieve regulatory compliance by controlling and tracking changes-from the time the change is requested through its automated and process-disciplined deployment to production.dbMaestro's comprehensive database change management solution provides:
1. Collaborative and synchronized Team Development
2. Policy Enforced Change Control
3. Tracking of Oracle database schema and lookup table changes
4. Auto rollback versions
5. Deploy schema and data change-sets
6. Auto documentation of changes (audit trail for regulation compliance - SOX404)
7. Seamless integration with program configuration management toolsDatabase Version Control Repository
1. Create a version repository storing database-related development changes and change history
2. Import & export databases into and from the database version repository
3. Tag evolving changes in your database - know who did what and when
4. Roll back to any version of your archived database objects
5. Undo updates to the structure and content of your database
6. Analyze differences between different versions of your database
7. Analyze the impact of database version changesDevelopment Management
1. Manage and impose database related development processes
2. Support concurrent development by preventing collisions and conflicts, resulting in preserving order and documentation
3. Enable change management of database structure and content
4. Check in & Check out database schema objects while locking unchecked objects
5. Check in & Check out table content - to prevent accidental change of static, parameter or Meta-data tables
6. Provide database override protection by enforcing your database resource management policy
7. Prevent accidental and undocumented changes to database objects
8. Identify database object dependencies in order to perform structurally complete changes
9. Embedded plug-in enables linkage to your development environment - Visual Studio
10. SCCI protocol support for CM program integrationEnvironment Management
1. Simplify database migration from development to production
2. Simplify migration of changes from production back to development
3. Enable generation of any database base line from the version repository
4. Support a database build process from the repository
5. Simplify troubleshooting by allowing rollbacks while restoring a malfunctioning system to an operational stateInformation & Reports
1. Analyze periodic project development detailed overviews
2. Audit of usage - "who is doing what". View checked in & out objects sorted by users or by databases
3. View statistical usage reports
4. Receive proactive alerts on schema and Meta-data updatesKey Benefits of Database Change Management with TeamWork
1. A successful adoption of TeamWork will result in higher quality projects from team developers because of safer synchronizations with no code loss; this leads to reduced risks when deploying changes to production. The end result is increased production uptime and improved customer experience.
2. TeamWork contains a complete repository of database changes which provides a full audit trail and safer development assets, increased productivity along with the capability to rollback changes if a crisis arises.
3. The content management functionality of TeamWork for your metadata content changes results in all project assets being versioned so change management is truly complete providing the capability to recreate environments for debug, crisis recovery, investigation of changes, etc.
4. Requirements-based deployment allows changes to be deployed based on true organizational requirements and not on technical constraints - deploy what you need and not just what you have.Requirements:
* Oracle 10g and 11g

Database Change Management


License Type:Shareware

Date Added:19 October, 2012



Size:93.5 MB

Platform: Macintosh

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