SurveyMiner is a completeset of survey response analysis tools for Microsoft Excel. SurveyMiner turns Microsoft Excel into a powerful survey analysis and tabulation package. If your survey responses are already collected, XLCrossTab is the software to get the most of your data. SurveyMiner adds to Excel: advanced coding functions, crosstabulations, banner tables, multiple response variables, long labels, missing data estimation, data cleaning, coding scripts, quotas sampling, weighting, significance tests included in the crosstabs, customizable reports with graphics and multivariate data analysis. SurveyMiner imports in Excel triple-S and Spss format files. SurveyMiner is easy to use, reliable and has competitive prices.. Survey analysis with Excel. Grimmer Technologies provides SurveyMiner, survey data analysis and reporting with Microsoft Excel

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Published By:Grimmer Technologies

License Type:Freeware

Date Added:24 January, 2011




Size:2.4 MB

Platform: Win XP/2000/Vista

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