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The biggest change in this version comes from completely removing poppler rendering engine and fully relying on mupdf. That makes the code a little bit smaller and a little bit simpler.Other changes: * add Ctrl-P as print shortcut * add F11 as full-screen shortcut * password dialog no longer shows the password * support for AES-encrypted PDF files * updates to SyncTeX/PdfSync integration (contributed by William Blum) * add -nameddest command-line option and DDE commands for jumping to named destination(contributed by Alexander Klenin) * add -reuse-instance command-line option (contributed by William Blum) * add DDE command to open PDF file (contributed by William Blum) * removed poppler rendering engine resulting in smaller program and updated to latest mupdf sources * misc bugfixes and translation updatesKeyboard shortcuts * Ctrl+Left Mouse - select a text on a page and copy to clipboard. Use Ctrl-V to paste it in other programs * space - scroll by screen * backspace - scroll back by screen * j - scroll by one line * k - scroll back by one line * Down - scroll by one line * Up - scroll back by one line * n - goto next page * p - goto previous page * Page Down - go to next page * Page Up - go to previous page * Ctrl-F - find text * F3 - find next * Shift-F3 - find previous * Ctrl-L - fullscreen * F11 - fullscreen * g - goto page * q - quit * + - zoom in * - - zoom out * r - reload PDF document * + - rotate clockwise * - - rotate counter-clockwise * Home - go to first page * End - go to last pageCommand-line arguments * -esc-to-exit - if given, ESC key will exit the program. It's persistent in settings file, so it only needs to be provided once. * -bgcolor $color - change the yellow background color to a provided color in hex format (e.g. 0xffff00) * -print-to-default FILE_NAME.PDF - prints a given PDF to a default printer * -print-to PRINTER_NAME FILE_NAME.PDF - prints a given PDF to a printer named PRINTER_NAME * -exit-on-print - when -print-to-default or -print-to is used, will exit after printingNote: printing is experimental and not well tested.Disable viewing PDF files directly in web browser (IE and FireFox)Adobe Acrobat also comes with Internet Explorer and FireFox plugin which makes it take over PDF files downloaded via browser and display them directly in the browser. This is not always a desired behaviour and you can use Sumatra as the default PDF viewer in both IE and Firefox, without completely uninstalling Adobe Acrobat. Here are the steps (based on this blog post): * Launch Sumatra PDF viewer * Select File/Make Sumatra a default PDF reader * Launch Adobe Acrobat * Select Edit/Preferences * Select Internet * Uncheck Display PDF in browser * Click OKYou generally don't have to restart your computer after the installation is complete.After doing this, clicking on links to PDF documents will no longer open the embedded viewer, but will pop up a dialog box. Check the "Always perform this action..." checkbox on the dialog, and Sumatra will automatically open the next time a PDF link is selected.. Sumatra PDF viewer by Krzysztof Kowalczyk. Sumatra PDF viewer for Windows by Krzysztof Kowalczyk

Krzysztof Kowalczyk - Pdf - Reader - Viewer

Published By:Krzysztof Kowalczyk

License Type:Freeware

Date Added:18 March, 2011




Size:1.2 MB

Platform: Windows All

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