Studio tools on Mpd. StoMpd is a music player client for the audio server MPD. A wide range of specialized features aimed at broadcasters / studio use, built upon the Mpd audio server.
Basically this software is a feature rich music player client for the audio server MPD. Because it is designed with live broadcast and automated broadcasts (typically unmanned music stations) in mind several features are unique for StoMpd.StoMpd Features:
1. Fully automatic webstream/music radio solution
2. Jingle/effect/sample player, configurable to separate audio device/channel
3. Monitor preview of tracks
4. Supports multiple users (individual playlists, track notes and settings)
5. Easy msg-system to post error reports and music requests to admin
6. Automatic refill of playlist, picks based on current played history
7. "Most Played" and "Highest rated" charts
8. Support configuration of mixramp tag parameters (for crossfading without fades, based on db)
9. "Back2start" persistent system setup: StoMpd always boots with the defined values
10. Mp3 file maintainance tool w/dupe finder, mass edit of tags, locate tag errors, etc
11. Configurable log template
12. Playlist editorRequirements
1. MPD music daemon version v0.16.0 or higher
2. Java v1.6.0 or higher
3. StoMpd is platform independent
4. Please note that id3-tags is required for the more advanced features of StoMpd to work properly. Especially features like the SuperPilot is pretty much left out in the dark if it has no additional info about the tracks to chew on.
5. Therefore we highly reccomend that you add tools like Kid3 to your system and start using it. The most important tags are artist name, track title and genre. Secondary is date (release year) and album title.
6. StoMpd is a client for the MPD Music Player Daemon. StoMpd do not play any music files, it only decide when they shall be played. The audio need not even be played from the same computer as the client is running on. Therefore, an availabe server running Mpd is an absolute requirement. StoMpd must be connected to a Mpd server to work. Mpd may very well run on the same machine as StoMpd, but it is not required.


License Type:Freeware

Date Added:19 August, 2012

Version:0.1.0 Rev 123



Size:1.2 MB

Platform: Macintosh

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