StartUpLite is a lightweight software that will allow you to speed up your system startup. It provides a safe and efficient way to disable or remove unnecessary startup entries from your computer. A problem in the computer world that many users have is a slow startup. Everyone wants to know how to speed up their startup process. Of course, there are many solutions to this problem, however, Malwarebytes has created a safe, easy, and efficient way to eliminate these unnecessary applications that start when you turn on your computer - StartUpLite.
StartUpLite is a lightweight and simple to use software that allows you to speed up your system startup, safely and efficiently. The software allows you to disable or remove unnecessary startup entries from your computer. By using StartUpLite, you can dramatically help shorten your startup time with only a few clicks of the mouse.
Simply download StartUpLite from the link below and save it to a handy location. Double click StartUpLite.exe. Select all options you would like executed and select continue.


License Type:Freeware

Date Added:25 July, 2012




Size:199.0 KB

Platform: Macintosh

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