Shop Til You Drop


Supermarket shopping assistant. Create your weekly shopping list in the order that you walk round the aisles. Shop 'Til You Drop maintains a list of all the items which you buy regularly, allowing you to compile and print off a Shopping List which lists items in the order in which you walk round the supermarket.Shop 'Til You Drop is a utility package which aims to make your supermarket shopping trips as swift, cheap and painless as possible.The software maintains a database of all the items which you buy regularly, allowing you to compile and print off a shopping list. The shopping list is sorted so that the items appear in the order in which you walk around the supermarket. No more searching up and down the shopping list to find the next item. You simply start at the top of the list and work down as you move from aisle to aisle.If you usually visit more than one shop or buy different sizes or brands of a product, Shop 'Til You Drop can automatically optimize your shopping list to save you money.The software will also print off a convenient fridge list of all the products in the database for you to stick on your fridge. As you use up each product, simply tick it off the list. When shopping day comes around you can be sure that you won't forget anything.Shop 'Til You Drop works by allowing you to create a floor plan of your usual supermarket(s). Each aisle is assigned to a standard product category and you can then tell the software the order in which you visit each aisle. This allows the software to print the shopping list with items in the correct order.Once you have completed your shopping you can amend the database with the actual prices from the till receipt. This keeps the item prices up-to-date and allows Shop 'Til You Drop to produce accurate optimizations.Features
1. Print shopping lists with items in the correct order.
2. Automatically optimize the shopping list to save money.
3. Print a fridge list of product reminders to fill in.
4. Visual editing of supermarket floor plans.
5. Full, integrated, context-sensitive manual.
6. Easy to use.
7. Free-to-try download. 30-day free trial.

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License Type:Shareware

Date Added:12 August, 2012



Size:2.3 MB

Platform: Macintosh

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