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RuleLab.Net is a web-based system for designing and implementing the business rules that operate on an application's XML data. Extend your existing applications by adding Rule building and Business Rules Engine (BRE) capabilities. Consolidate your business logic in an easy to read format. Build, test, share, and deploy your Rules using the web browser; and integrate them into your system via the BRE. Intuitive GUI, English-like syntax, and centralized repository empower business users with direct access to the Rules.In the RuleLab.Net system, Business Rules are composed and managed over the Internet or Intranet using the web-based Rules Designer. It allows users to associate an application XML data template with Rules, create a vocabulary of natural terms, graphically build complex logical expressions, test the Rules on data samples, and store the Rules in a database. Features include strong data types, reasoning, rule priorities and dependencies, calculation formulas, looping-data-structure support, and a built-in set of computational, aggregate and other data processing functions. Rules and other system objects are stored in XML files that can be downloaded, modified, and uploaded to the online repository. Rule changes made online can be instantly deployed for runtime use by the applications integrated with the BRE. The forward chaining BRE parses XML application data against the ruleset, updates your data XML document, and returns it back to the application along with the comprehensive state information. Written in .NET, the BRE component can be utilized as a managed assembly, a COM object, or through the Web Service. RuleLab.Net Server is a client-hosted version of ASP solution. See interactive demos, samples, and tutorials at VDE Technologies LLC. VDE Technologies LLC is a privately held small software company headquartered in Columbus, Ohio. We develop and host the RuleLab.Net - Web-based Business Rules Management System (BRMS) that enables the design, maintenance and deployment of Business Rules. It empowers business users with the direct access to the Rules and allows easy integration with applications supporting XML.

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\Business Rules Engine (BRE) enables the separation of business logic from application code through building the business rules in XML. Create, share, manage, and store your Rule files online\; integrate them into your system via the BRE component.\

DateSep 25, 2014

AuthorVDE Technologies LLC

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RuleLab.Net Business Rules Engine (BRE)
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