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RiskyProject Lite is project management software with integrated risk analysis. RiskyProject Lite helps project managers to plan the project and determine how risks will affect project schedules. RiskyProject allows the manager to create a project schedule and risks or import them from other project management software, perform quantitative risk analysis, and track project performance with risks and uncertainties. RiskyProject Lite was designed especially for project managers without any prior knowledge of risk analysis theory. With it, you can define a project schedule: tasks, dependencies, constraints, resources, and costs. Or, you can import the project schedule from Microsoft Project, MindManager, FastTrack, or other products. Once you have a project schedule in RiskyProject, just add different risks - at the project level and for each separate task or resource. You also can define ranges for task duration, cost, start and finish times. This information together with project schedule is used in the quantitative risk analysis.RiskyProject Lite determines how risks and uncertainties will affect the project schedule. RiskyProject Lite presents you with Risk-aware Gantt Chart ? uncertainties in task duration, start and finish times are shown graphically in a special Gantt Chart. Project Risk Dashboard 3x3 is an easy way to view results of risk analysis: three main project parameters (cost, duration, finish time) with and without risk, three most crucial tasks, three most critical risks. RiskyProject Lite also helps you to track the project with risks and uncertainties. You'll be more successful with your projects because you've thought through the risks and dealt with them from the beginning. RiskyProject cannot prevent risks, but it can make you a lot smarter about them.. Project Risk Management and Project Risk Analysis with Monte Carlo simulations by Intaver Institute. Project risk management solutions and project management software by Intaver Institute

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Published By:Intaver Institute Inc.

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Date Added:27 January, 2011




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Platform: Win XP/2000/2003

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RiskyProject is advanced project management software with integrated risk analysis. Project managers use RiskyProject for planning, quantitative risk analysis, and performance measurement of projects with multiple risks and uncertainties.

DateSep 25, 2014

AuthorIntaver Institute Inc.

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PlatformWin XP/2000/2003

CategoryProject Management

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