A Parent's Guide to Internet Safety. Includes: CD Rom, Printable files for Parents, and a 3 month subscription to Razzul.Your child will have a fun, safe and secure portal to the Internet. With access to kid-friendly websites, content scanning for objectionable words and access to filtered e-mail, you can rest assured they are surfing safely. Once logged in to Razzul, they enter their own private ePlayground for online enjoyment that every parent can trust.Access to Only Kid-Friendly Websites
Razzul only allows access to kid-friendly websites which exist in it's proprietary database and parents can add or delete from it as they see fit. Plus, with its unique method of access to the Yahooligan's search engine, you can rest assured knowing your children won't miss out on any of the abilities of the World Wide Web. Yahooligans is packed with over 25,000 hand selected web sites that are child safe.Custom Windows Login
Utilizing the power of Windows, Razzul creates a personal login icon for each child. This login ability allows your children to enjoy Razzul, the Internet and their e-mail, with or without your assistance. At the same time Razzul totally locks out the child's capability to access any of your programs or files. Web Page Content Filtering
In addition to allowing access to only kid-friendly sites, Razzul goes one step further in assuring your children's safety online. Each page is scanned for objectionable words that are restricted from your child's view. Razzul comes with many language restrictions already built in to it's proprietary database which can be customized by the parent.Access to Pre-Installed Applications or Games
Applications which are already installed on the PC that your child is using can be added to the Razzul Start menu. This allows your child to access his favorite games or applications at any time while within Razzul.Real Time Parent Override
At anytime parents can override a banned or restricted site, allowing your child immediate access so they may continue surfing uninterrupted.Instant E-mail Access
E-mail access is one click away for your child. Send/Receive Email messages to only parent approved Email addresses. When Email arrives or needs to be sent, simply click on the Email icon in the Razzul Start menu to go immediately to the Email screens. This means your child will have their own Spam-Free Email account!One-Click Access to Favorites
Favorite web sites added to the Razzul program can be accessed by clicking on the site on the left pane of screen.Full Browser Functionality
Razzul supports all the popular browser controls. This means your child can navigate the pages, print any web page, refresh the screen or return to their Razzul Home Page at any time. Easy Access Menus to Preferred Sites
Menus appear as your child glides the mouse over the screen allowing access to kid friendly sites. A picture in the menu shows which site your child has selected.

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Date Added:10 August, 2012



Size:11.9 MB

Platform: Macintosh

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