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key features:► Interactive Presentations and Dashboards The new Presentation Canvas elevates the presentation of models to a whole new level. Business users (not just IT) can create dynamic, interactive presentations and dashboards for decision-makers or clients. The canvas allows you to highlight important matrix views, charts, images, and annotations onto a single interactive presentation view. New 'Snap' technology precisely lines up objects on the canvas for a clean, symmetrical layout that can be presented or printed.► Controlled and Secure Collaboration Sharing spreadsheet models within organizations has always been fraught with risk and uncertainty. Unapproved and unintended changes often go unnoticed until they cause serious consequences to the business. Well, it's time to put spreadsheets back where they belong and start using Quantrix Modeler 3.0. Newly developed User Roles and Permissions are an easy-to-use way to control how individuals and teams interact with business-critical models.► Improved Modeling Experience The business modeling experience just got a whole lot better! Quantrix Modeler 3.0 adds customer-inspired enhancements that improve usability and productivity. The new tabbed interface makes working with multiple matrices, charts and presentation canvasses a pleasure by allowing you to create your own customized modeling environment. You can also use that second (or third) monitor with the 'detach & drag' feature. Once you've configured your model layout, the "perspective" can be saved and retrieved at your convenience.. Quantrix Modeler | Business Modeling and Analytics | Financial Modeling | Data Modeling. Quantrix offers business modeling and analytics software and services to customers in 50 countries. It's an easy-to-use solution for forecasting, budgeting, strategic planning, risk modeling, data modeling, and analytics.

Quantrix Modeler 3 0 Launch - Quantrix Modeler - Business Modeling - Analytics - Financial Modeling - Forecasting - Budgeting - Strategic Planning - Data Modeling - Risk Modeling - Corporate Performance Management - Business Intelligence - Dashboards

Published By:Quantrix

License Type:Shareware

Date Added:14 April, 2011




Platform: Win XP/ME/2000/98

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