pyTarget is a strong ISCSI target in python, provides a strong ISCSI target in python, and easily use under most popular systems.
pyTarget Features:
1. multi-target, multi-session, multi-connection (MC/s)
2. each target can be configured independently, and use its own iscsi parameters. independent of each other.
3. to negotiate the iscsi parameter by iscsi text request in full feature phase.
4. target/initiator None/CHAP authentication.
5. login request pdu with all kinds of flags(e.g tbit, cbit)
6. iscsi pdu header/data segment digest
7. all of lun devices are through file I/O to achieve.
8. all configurations are saved with xml files for easy modification and reading.
9. simulate all kinds of temporary / permanent scsi disk errors.
10. simulate scsi disk plist / glist and bad block inquiry.
11. scsi disk bad block reassign
12. scsi device start/stop unit
13. simulate scsi enclosure device for SES
14. web user-interface for online management(recommend firefox browser).
15. ERL = 2 (error recovery level)
* all kinds of snack functions (data/r2t/status/dataack/rdata, etc)
* all kinds of task management (reset Lun/Target, task reassign, etc)
* command retry
* reject pdu
* logout connect for recoveryRequirements:
* Python 2.6


License Type:Freeware

Date Added:27 November, 2012

Version: Beta



Size:2.6 MB

Platform: Macintosh

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