ProjectLight is a web based Project Management System that impactfully tracks a project's requirements, tasks, defects, team members and more while keeping you up to date on your target milestones. The built in quality verification and test plan system help ensure a quality product. ProjectLight is flexible to support agile development methodologies such as Scrum and also includes many tools to help ISO 9001 certified organizations.Features include:
1. personal home page
2. calendar with support for events, vacation tracking and daily notes
3. project/milestone status (estimated completion dates)
4. detailed graphical timeline,
5. test plan system for managing test cases and recording test results per 'build' (product version)
6. bug (defect) tracking
7. team (weekly or otherwise) status reports
8. support for text markup including images, lists, bold and italic text and linksThe built in quality verification and test plan system help ensure a quality product. ProjectLight is flexible to support agile development methodologies such as Scrum and also includes many tools to help ISO 9001 certified organizations.ProjectLight Features:
1. Project Task and Milestone Tracking
ProjectLight allows you to see the complete status of your project as it relates to various milestones and quality controls. Graphical timelines and progress indicators highlight your teams progress. Using the latest information ProjectLight estimates the completion date of each milestone and flags those in danger of being late. Quality products are assured through matching requirements with test cases and tracking design and code reviews.2. Requirements Tracking
ProjectLight makes it easy to track requirements and ensure that they are verified by test cases within your test plan. ProjectLight supports ISO 9001 change notice tracking as well.3. ISO 9001 Compatible Issue ("Bug") Management
ProjectLight includes integrated ISO 9001 compatible corrective action ( ie: "bug" or defect ) and preventative action tracking.4. Test Plan System
ProjectLight manages all the test cases for a test plan and provides an easy interface for quality assurance to run detailed tests and record test results on a per 'build' (product version) bases. Test results can be combined from a range of builds to allow for partial retesting of changed components.5. Review Tracking
ProjectLight records code, design or other formal reviews.6. Risk Management
ProjectLight supports risk managent using Failure Mode and Effects Analysis (FMEA)7. Scrum Compatible
ProjectLight is compatible with Scrum and other forms of agile product development8. SR&ED / Cost Tracking
Scientific Research and Experimental Development Tax Incentive Program cost tracking and reports are performed automatically during the project cycle making it easier to provide details for your claims.9. Calendar
The ProjectLight calendar supports meetings and other events as well as vacation tracking and daily notes.10. Personal Home Page
Every user is has a personal home page so that they can quickly see all their events for the day, tasks assigned to them. There is even a free form note pad for personal notes.11. Detailed Graphical Timeline / Gantt Chart
ProjectLight 's detailed timeline allows managers to quickly identify scheduling issues and optimize workload distribution.12. Team Status Reports
ProjectLight 's reporting feature makes it easy to generate team status reports for any time period. There are also reports for tracking vacation use and more.13. Incident Reports
Incident reports record details about an incident involving a product in use by some end user. In the case of some products such as medical devices it is often a government requirement that these reports be submitted within specific time frames.ProjectLight provides a standard form for recording the common elements of incident reports in a easy to access form. In addition there is a customized template form which is designed to be used to print the report required by your government. The template form including its layout and fields may be changed as needed to match the report format required.Limitations:
* Maximum 2 users
* Maximum 10 projects
* Maximum 200 test cases

Project Management - Task Tracking - Milestones - Quality Managament System - Scrum - Sr Ed - Iso9000 - Iso9001 - Bug Tracking - Test Plans - Time Tracking - Fmea - Agile Product Developement - Requirements Tracking - Gantt Chart - Corrective Action Request - Code Review


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