With a few clicks of the mouse, you get instant calculated retail lists and printable price tags, based on your preferences as a retailer.Tell PriceUpdater your desired markup percentage, your additional charges (such as freight per sq. yd), tell it you want large or small price tags S and you've got a simple viewpoint on your entire product line that goes straight to printed price tags and price lists.magnifying glassFind Products InstantlyFind products with ease. Search by any criteria S product name, SKU, vendor, price, dimensions S you name it. Search by any combination of criteria.Click the magnifying glass on any screen to start a search. Type what you're looking for into the corresponding fields. Click the magnifying glass again, and the items that match your criteria jump to the fore, allowing you to apply custom markup percentages and print them as a list or as price tags.You can even specify retail prices arbitrarily, independent of any calculation. What you say goes with this program.What's the Best Way to Learn to Use PriceUpdater?Install it and play with it. Click the buttons and see what they do. PriceUpdater comes with make-believe pricing data. Under the PriceUpdater Menu, choose Test Drive PriceUpdater. Mess with the numbers and see what happens. Open your eyes for pleasant surprises.Once you've gotten familiar with the program's principal features, graduate from make-believe to the real deal. Click the Update Now button on the main screen and tell the program to dump the sample record buttonCreate Your Own Price ListsYou can create your own price list from scratch. Just choose the command Create New List under the PriceUpdater Menu, and the program opens a fresh, empty copy of the pricing file, ready for you to enter new products and pricing.Click the Pencil+ icon to create a new entry (called a record) for each of your products, and begin typing in product names, specifications, and their wholesale prices. After you've created your list, click the Print List button to get a printout, or click the Price Tags button to view, edit, or print price tags.Use the Tab key on the keyboard to advance from left to right as you type in your product names and cost prices. To move in the opposite direction, hold down the Shift key while pressing Tab.If you wish to average pricing, click the link Go to Tier Retail Pricing at the top of the Broadloom retail screen. This sorts and averages your entries and takes you to a new view of your pricing, averaged by price group.Support for Multiple Product LinesBroadloom Supports goods sold by the sq. ft or sq. yd. PriceUpdater automatically calculates retail prices, based on wholesale prices you supply. Products belonging to the same price group can be averaged and priced alike (Tier Retail Pricing).Merchandise Supports pricing of goods sold by any unit of sale or measure, be it carton, palette, bag, ft, sq. ft, or each. PriceUpdater automatically calculates retail prices, based on the wholesale prices and the units of measure you supply. Uses: Furniture, tile, hardwood flooring, accessories, parts lists S you name it.Cost prices (wholesale) can be supplied manually by typing them in one by one or by importing price lists that your vendors provide. The import method can save hundreds of employee hours per month.Under the PriceUpdater Menu in the program, choose Import Data from a File. Indicate to the program which spreadsheet or other data file you wish to import into PriceUpdater. Choose only the columns you want to import from the spreadsheet by matching them up with the fields in PriceUpdater.browse buttonSave Your EyesDon't miss the full-screen view from the Price Tags screen. When rows and columns have all but blinded you, the Price Tags view can ease the strain. Click the Price Tags button on any retail screen. Choose Browse, and you can page through your products full screen, one by one, by clicking the card-file icon. The Price Tags view provides search capabilities and a built-in calculator for adding freight, installation, etc. to your prices, individually or by batch.Getting Started TipStick with the big buttons on the screens when you're getting started, and you'll stay on track. The small toolbar buttons and full menu commands have expert uses that experienced users will appreciate.PriceUpdater is ShareWareYou get to try it before you buy it. If it doesn't suit your purposes, there's only one folder to throw away to completely eliminate it from your computer: PriceUpdater Corral.Appreciate your interest,Alex StandeferMacMerlin Computer ServicesSMWhat's Installed on Your ComputerPriceUpdater is fully functional without additional software, aside from your computer's operating system. You don't have to own a copy of FileMaker Pro or buy any additional software to use PriceUpdater. It is provided here in "runtime" form. The developer edition of FileMaker Pro allows applications developers to bind just enough of the full FileMaker program to make a custom application stand alone. I have built PriceUpdater as a stand-alone program for both Windows and Macintosh computers.The installation provides all of its files in a single folder called PriceUpdater Corral and does not litter your computer with other files in places unseen. However, quite a few files appear in the installed PriceUpdater Program Files folder. Almost all of these files are FileMaker components that enable the program to operate. The only file Windows users need to remember is PriceUpdater.exe. The only file Macintosh users need to remember is PriceUpdater.For Windows users, double-clicking PriceUpdater.exe, inside the PriceUpdater Program Files folder, starts the PriceUpdater pricing program. Once installed, a shortcut to the PriceUpdater.exe file can be placed conveniently on the desktop: On the keyboard hold down the Ctrl and Shift keys simultaneously, and without releasing the keys drag PriceUpdater.exe onto the desktop and drop it. (This creates a shortcut while leaving the original in place.)For Macintosh users, double-clicking PriceUpdater, inside the PriceUpdater Program Files folder, starts the PriceUpdater pricing program. Once installed, an alias to the PriceUpdater program file can be placed conveniently on the desktop or under the Apple menu: On the keyboard, hold down the Apple key and Option key at the same time, and without releasing the keys drag the PriceUpdater program file onto the desktop and drop it. (This creates an alias while leaving the original in place.)Trivia 1. The most powerful spreadsheet program on the market was first engineered for Macintosh, not Windows. Can you name it? [Right you are, if you said Microsoft Excel.] 2. The first-ever automated Excel pricing system for Carpet One's web-based pricing files was engineered by . . . ? [Right you are, if you said MacMerlin Computer Services(SM) and Lowell Pearlman, Pearlman's Carpet One, Asheville, NC.] 3. The most user-friendly database on the market was originally written for Macintosh and now is available as well for Windows. Can you name it? [Right you are, if you said FileMaker Pro.]. .

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