Plainamp is a audio player for Windows that relies on Winamp plugins heavily. It is a free, open source audio player for Windows. More precisely it is a rewritten Winamp core (or plugin host) which means it relies on Winamp plugins heavily.Plainamp Features:
1. Winamp plugin support (input, output, visualization, DSP and general purpose)
2. Plugins can be manually loaded/unloaded during runtime
3. Native output stacking — several output plugins at once
4. Native vis stacking — several visual plugins at once
5. Native DSP chaining — several effect plugins in a chain
6. 7 order modes

Plainamp - Open Source - Winamp - Plugins - Plugin Host - Input - Input Plugin - Input Plugins - Output - Output Plugin - Output Plugins - Visualization - Visualization Plugin - Visualization Plugins - Vis Plugin - Vis Plugins - Dsp - Dsp Plugin - Dsp Plugins - General Purp


License Type:Freeware

Date Added:20 November, 2012




Size:756.2 KB

Platform: Macintosh

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