PerigeeCopy is a configurable Win32 shell extension that lets you copy, move, and delete files with the ease of Explorer's GUI, while at the same time adding additional features and options, not the least of which is the capability to resume after errors and retry any failed files at the end of the job.PerigeeCopy Options
1. Overwrite - Specify when existing files should be overwritten in a copy operation. If "Prompt" is selected, you will be given information about the existing and new files, and asked whether the destination file should be overwritten (with an option to apply your choice to all files in the job). If "Postpone" is selected, files that already exist will be skipped until the end of the job, and you will be given the choice to overwrite once all other files have been copied.2. Archive Bit - Allows you to copy only files and folders with the archive attribute set, and/or to clear the source files' archive attributes after copying. These features can be used in incremental backups.3. Read-Only Bit
* Overwrite/delete read-only files - Clear the read-only, hidden, and system attributes of files before attempting to overwrite or delete them. If this option is not checked, you may get an "access denied" error when trying to overwrite or delete such files.
* Clear read-only bit in copy - Clears the read-only attribute of the destination files after copying. Useful for copying from CD-ROMs.4. Show what I'm about to do - For all operations, display a confirmation dialog listing the operation about to be performed and the files involved.5. Prompt for confirmation when deleting files - Display a confirmation dialog listing the names of the selected files and folders before deleting. This will be the only prompt you see; there will be no additional warnings about deleting software files, system files, and so forth.6. Use the Recycle Bin when deleting files - Move files to the recycle bin instead of deleting them. This applies both to delete operations and to the source file(s) in a cross-volume move operation. Note that, regardless of this setting, files on network shares never go to the recycle bin.7. Skip files/directories on errors - Do not prompt when a file could not be copied, moved, or deleted; simply skip the file and proceed with the job.
Note: Regardless of whether this option is checked, you will be shown a list of all failed files when the job completes, and you'll be given the option to retry them then.8. Use PerigeeCopy by default for file operations - Invoke PerigeeCopy instead of Explorer when dragging files and folders or pasting files.9. Wait for previous job to finish before starting another - If you start a job while another one is still in progress, the new job will pause until the previous one finishes. This improves throughput when both jobs use the same disk.10. Don't waste time adding up total bytes to copy and get straight to work - Just begin the operation immediately, without computing the size of the operation. The job may get done a little faster this way, but you won't get a progress bar.


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