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Convert WordPerfect (Corel Corp) document files to plain text, HTML or XML. PPT (Perfect Text Tools) is a windows dialog software made to convert WordPerfect (Corel Corp) document files to plain text, HTML or XML. This software was created when we were faced with the monstrous problem of converting several thousand legacy WordPerfect files to a form that can be read by modern word processors. One of the problems being that new versions of WordPerfect, doesn't read version 4 documents anymore. So if you have an archive of really old documents, then PTT will save your day.Perfect Text Tools is therefore aimed at the rapid conversion of large archives of documents into a readable format and not so much aimed at the precise conversion of individual documents. Some formatting is preserved, but tables and columnar text will all be converted in a simple fashion. You will however get the complete text of the document, which is the most important thing.Very easy-to-use: Drag and drop a few hundred files on PTT and let it rapidly convert them all unattended. PTT will detect the source file formats and convert them appropriately.Perfect Text Tools will convert legacy .WP, W51 and modern .WPD files to plain text, HTML or XML, while preserving as much of the original formatting as possible. Unrecognized file types will be processed using a simpler algorithm, which may require some cleanup after conversion.Select the files to convert
Files can be selected in two ways. If you click the 'File...' button you will get a standard file dialog. You can select one or many files for simultaneous conversion in a single batch. To select multiple files, keep the 'Ctrl' key pressed while clicking the mouse on the file names. Click OK and the list of files will be transferred to the 'From' box.
If you have Windows Explorer running, then you can highlight the files that you want to convert and then click, drag and drop them all with a mouse onto the PTT software dialog. The selected filenames will be transferred to the 'From' box, as above. (Click the top file, press the Shift key, click the bottom file and they will all be highlighted. Another way is from the Explorer menu Edit, Select All).The maximum number of files that can be converted at once depends on the length of the file names but if we assume an average filename of 20 characters then the limit is about 3000 files! There is no technical reason for this limit, except that we felt that it was enough for all practical purposes.Select the 'From' file type
You don't need to know what format a file is and the 'auto' radio button is selected by default. In this mode, PTT will try to determine the file format and pick the best conversion algorithm for every file in the 'From' box. If the files in the 'From' box have various formats, then it is essential to use the 'auto' mode, to let PTT figure things out by itself.
In the event that the conversion looks ugly, you can manually try the other formats and see whether it works any better, but all the files in the 'From' box should preferably be of the same type when you do this manually, else the results may be confusing.Select the 'To' file type
Check either or both of the 'Plain Text' or 'Hyper Text' boxes to select an output format.Convert
Click the 'Convert' button to start the conversion process. The new files will be written to the same folder on the disk drive as the originals. The new files will acquire the extensions '.txt' or '.html' to distinguish them from the originals. The original files will not be changed in any way.
Files in the plain text '.txt' format can be opened by any word processor. These files will contain all the content of the original files but almost all formatting will be lost, except for tabs and indents. This is a good way to move the contents of a document between incompatible word processing programs.Files in the hyper text '.html' format can be opened by any web browser. Some of the formatting will be retained, but web browsers handle text differently from word processors. For instance, the paragraphs will change shape when the browser is resized on screen.


License Type:Shareware

Date Added:14 November, 2012



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