PDM (Personal Document Manager)


PDM (Personal Document Manager) is a simple, easy to use document management system using platform-independent programming to make it work in both worlds, Windows and Linux. It supports archiving from scanner as well as from file, as well as mailing, editing and printing using the computer's default applications on the running system.1. Creating Categories
After starting PDM you have the PDM desktop in front of you. To create a new category: Open the file menu and navigate to New -> New Category, name the category and add an (optional) description. Define the indexing values as you see fit.2. Document Acquisition
To open an acquisition form, simply press the button as shown in the picture. It will show you all available acquisition and recherche forms. Acquisition forms are marked with a small scanner icon, recherche forms with a small globe.3. Searching and opening documents
On the left you can input search parameters. On the left is an empty table. Wildcard search using "*" is supported. After defining your search parameters you can click the search button. The result set table will fill with the found documents. You can open a document by doubleclick or by using the popup menu.4. Editing documents
Once you opened a document, it is loaded into an acquisition form. You can add, delete, edit files and even change the indexing values for the document. Editing files: Richt click on a file and the popup menu will open. Chosing "edit in external application", will load the file in its default application. How default applications for differen filetypes are defined depends on your operating system.5. Document linking
In PDM you may link documents. On a opened document just click the link button. Now open the other document you want to link to and press the link button again. From now on you will get a list of links by pressing the "show links Button". You can open the linked documents directly from this list. Furthermore you can browse through your links in a tree view showing you the connections between multiple linked documents.Features:
1. Image aquisition from SANE/TWAIN devises and File
2. Free Category and Index values
3. Mail and print documents directly from application
4. Platform independent
5. ADF scanner supportRequirements:
* Java

Published By:persdocmanager.sourceforge.net

License Type:Freeware

Date Added:24 November, 2012




Size:19.8 MB

Platform: Macintosh

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