PdfCrypter secure, encrypt and send PDF documents by e-mail, the PdfCrypter enables the subsequent encryption and securing of PDF documents. The program works as an independent software or plugin for Outlook. When sending documents by e-mail, the security settings of your PDF documents can thus be automatically set.
In contrast to PGP and other conventional Email cipher systems, the content of the Email remains legible, only the attached PDF is protected. This makes it possible to send a document to a company's collective Email address (e.g. info@company.com). The Email can then be subsequently forwarded to the intended recipient.
You determine who may read, print, process, add to and copy your PDF documents.
PdfCrypter supports cipher systems including high-level symmetric AES (Acrobat 7) and RC4 encryption with code lengths from 40 to 128 bits as well as asymmetric encryption with certification.
A comprehensive profile management feature allows security settings to be saved for various applications e.g. accounts, financial statements and confidential business correspondence.
Recurring processes can be automated via directory monitoring, call up parameters (command line) and a COM interface.
Its simple handling and extensive range of features are what make the PdfCrypter so special. This unique program comes in two versions.

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Published By:pixelplanet.de

License Type:Shareware

Date Added:22 June, 2012



Size:11.5 MB

Platform: Macintosh

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