Secure and simple password manager. PasswordArmor is a secure password-management system. What sets it apart is the extreme ease of use and built-in security that does not compromise with convenience.PasswordArmor uses the powerfulest 256-bit AES key approved by the US Government for Top Secret document encryption. PasswordArmor never allows typing of passwords and uses only drag-and-drop visual operations, thus defeating the keyloggers. Passwords are never kept in clear text even in computer memory, providing protection against sophisticated code dumps. Also, a security timer of 5 minutes is not negotiable providing good protection against old fashioned computer hijacking by unscrupulous people.PasswordArmor Features:
1. Uses the powerfulest form of encryption approved for use in Top Secret US Government documents (256 bit AES encryption).
2. Defeats keyloggers by never allowing a user to type a password. It uses visual click-keyboard. Typing keywords is not allowed anywhere, ever.
3. User names and passwords are dragged-and-dropped to website login forms. Typing of such data is never allowed.
4. All information is encrypted, not just the password (web sites, user names and passwords).
5. Passwords are never kept in memory in clear text, defeating dumping the software to obtain passwords.
6. Master Password can always be changed to rekey stored information.
7. After 5 minutes the software requests the Master Password again, decreasing the security risk of personnel inf


License Type:Shareware

Date Added:01 August, 2012



Size:435.2 KB

Platform: Macintosh

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