Password Policy Enforcer


Password Policy Enforcer featuresHelps users to choose passwordsPassword Policy Enforcer helps users to choose a compliant password, thereby reducing the number of password related helpdesk calls. Users can see the password policy as they enter their password, and are told exactly why their password was rejected. Administrators can customize the policy and rejection messages in 31 languages.Multiple password policiesPassword Policy Enforcer can enforce 256 password policies in each domain. Policies can be assigned to users, groups, and Organizational Units. You can even exempt some accounts from the PPE password policy, or allow administrators to bypass the policy when resetting a user's password.Powerful password policy rulesEach password policy has 19 highly configurable rules. PPE can require users to comply with all rules, or it can enforce a more tolerant policy by allowing partial compliance. Rules can be combined to create complex requirements such as "password must contain a numeric character, but not in the first position".Advanced dictionary ruleThe dictionary rule is the most important rule because it detects the most vulnerable passwords and has the greatest impact on server performance. Other products have a dictionary rule, but PPE's Dictionary rule is the most effective. It allows administrators to control non-alpha character detection, character substitution detection, bidirectional analysis, wildcard analysis, and match tolerance to give administrators granular control over their password policy. PPE's dictionary rule is also hundreds of times more efficient than competing products, so it has no noticeable impact on server performance.Controlled password expiryPPE's Maximum Age rule has six operating modes, allowing you to gradually expire passwords over days or weeks. Windows expires passwords when they reach their maximum age, possibly triggering hundreds or thousands of forced password changes when the maximum password age rule is first enabled. PPE's password expiry modes limit the number of daily expirations, so your helpdesk and servers can deal with any additional load.Integrated policy testingPPE's integrated policy testing allows you to quickly test your password policy before enforcing it. Use the test results to identify and correct configuration errors, and to determine if the password policy meets your security requirements.Password synchronizationPPE can execute a program or script when a user changes their password. Your program or script can perform additional processing, such as synchronizing the user's password with another system or application.ANIXIS Password Reset integrationPPE integrates with ANIXIS Password Reset, a self-service password management system that allows users to reset their password and unlock their account without calling the helpdesk.PPE/Web integrationPassword Policy Enforcer/Web allows users to securely change their password from a Web browser. PPE integrates with PPE/Web to help users choose a compliant password.. . Active Directory security software. Password Policy Enforcer: Fine-grained password policies for Windows. Self-service password reset and management.

Published By:ANIXIS

License Type:Shareware

Date Added:06 June, 2011




Size:7.9 MB

Platform: Win Vista/2000/2003/XP

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