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Take your workplace communication to the next level by adopting CDMessenger 2.3 across the enterprise. Engage in live and real time communication with your colleagues using text-based live chat. Connect with a single colleague, all the members of your group, or the entire organization in minutes. Organize all your workplace communication with CDMessenger 2.3 which now has many new features, a user-friendly interface, and an attractive look-and-feel.
Connect without borders – There is no limit to how many users can use CDMessenger 2.3 simultaneously to send and receive important messages that can be tracked, reviewed and archived. Communicate securely - CDMessenger, which has been serving users around the world since 2009, deploys advanced 256 bit SSL cryptology to protect your workplace communication in both directions while your messages are in transit on the Internet. Such a level of iron clad protection and data security eliminates any possibility of your data being intercepted. Send and receive files – Swap files of up to 10 Mb size with your colleagues as you chat with them. File transfers also take place in a secure and encrypted environment and all file formats, including multimedia formats, are supported. Activate a paper trail – Generate printable transcripts of all your communication conducted with CDMessenger 2.3 and create a verifiable paper trail. Save your chat transcripts on your work station or smartphone for future use.
Send and receive reminders with Sticky Notes – Send a Sticky Note to your colleague with a brief note such as an event reminder or a one-line response. Send yourself a Sticky and peg it to an audible alarm which will sound at a pre-appointed time and remind you. Store your Sticky Notes on your desktop either as tiles or in a stack so that they are visible to you at all times.
Communicate on the go – Download CDMessenger from the Google Play Store and remain wired to your company from anywhere in the world.

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Published By:Astra Softwares Pvt Ltd

License Type:Shareware

Date Added:24 December, 2014




Size:25.1 MB

Platform: MAC , Windows , Win2000 , Win98

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