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Nostalgia Sim Baseball is a comprehensive simulation game designed to honor baseball tradition and history. This baseball simulation is all about reading the numbers and working the stats - lots of them.Nostalgia Sim Baseball is user-supported strategic baseball simulation system. Unlike fantasy baseball, you own a franchise in your own league. Competing against other real-time members, you control everything from the front office finances to the on field manager through a free program package that you can download at this site. In our baseball simulation, the ultimate goal is to test your managing skills and win the championship!Nostalgia Sim Baseball will challenge your knowledge of the old game. You'll learn the game like never before. Meticulously designed, our simulator engine is second-to-none, producing reliable outcomes in up to 570 specialized stats for every player, including full splits and situational stats going back to the mid 1950s. We're confident that you'll find our pricing as appealing as our game concept. When an impeccable sim comes together with excellent tech support and your sports fantasy, you get a fabulous baseball gaming experience!Features of our Powerful Sim Engine
1. Draft Planner where you prepare for drafting rounds, setting limits by position, creating contingencies, and priorities
2. Six separate contract types, including multi-season contracts
3. Upcoming Events calendar
4. Calendar-style league schedule with daily box score links
5. Comprehensive player photo collection
6. Waiver Wire
7. Injuries
8. Trade Planner where you make, receive, accept or refuse offers. Draft picks, units, and players can be traded.
9. An Old Timer Fraternity (players debuting before 1910) is part of every team.
10. Direct decisions from the front office and manage players on the field for many seasons
11. Full compliment of manager settings to fine-tune game-time decisions
12. Optimize your pitching rotation for upcoming opponents
13. Implement itemized controls for pitching, batting, and defense for tight control of your players
14. Set home-road, left-right lineups, or even day-to-day lineups.
15. Play position players (except catchers) wherever you want them
16. Build a new ballpark
17. Comprehensive player set from 1893 to present
18. Team Logos
19. Hundred of detailed statistical reports
20. Batter-Pitcher matchup reports
21. Historical records and team vs team records are maintained as the league plays over time
22. Scouting Reports
23. Box scores
24. Game Replay Viewer
25. Full historical and simulation database with tons of information
26. MVP and Cy Young Award Winners
27. Detailed Standings with 19 sub-categories
28. Printable Reports
29. Nine Achievement (Class) Levels from Beginner to Ultimate
30. Trivia Quiz
31. Manager Tips
32. Unique configurations for every league
33. Financial Accounting
34. Who's hot and who's not feature
35. Wiki-Style help system
36. Personal Notebook to keep track of your teams and long-range goals.

Mission Of Nostalgia Simulation Baseball - Statistical Accuracy - Best Baseball Sim - Sim Baseball


License Type:Shareware

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Size:184.9 MB

Platform: Macintosh

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