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Merging Your Favorite SMS into One Nokia PC Suite .NBU File Noki Gems is a Nokia PC Suite .NBU backup file merger. It can merge all your favorite SMS into one .NBU file which can be restored to the phone.1. 2 steps to merge the SMS: drop in the files and save.
2. Select your favorite text messages and archive them as a restorable .nbu.
3. SMS from all sources: PC Suite backuped .nbu, PC Suite exported .csv, and vMessage (.vmg).
4. Fix a broken .nbu by re-saving its SMS segment.You can drop in SMS from all sources:
1. PC Suite backuped .NBU file
2. PC Suite exported .csv file
3. vMessage (.vmg) file. Even .vmg from non-Nokia phones.Noki Gems Features:
1. Create a backup file with all your favorite SMS
PC Suite doesn't allow us to pick which text message to backup. You can use Noki Gems to open a pc suite backuped .NBU file, select the messages you want and save them as a .NBU - which contains all your best SMS and can be restored to the phone.2. Merging SMS from different backup files
We backup the phone regularly and PC Suite will create many .NBU files over the time. When it's time to restore, PC Suite can only restore one .NBU at a time. And the latest restore will overwrite the previous content. Noki Gems can merge SMS from different .NBU files - event .NBU of different phone models. Duplicated messages will be removed. Messages will be sorted into different boxes in date time order.3. Fixing SMS section of a broken .NBU
When PC Suite upgrades or the phone's firmware upgrades, the .NBU file you backuped might fail to restore. Noki Gems can fix the SMS section and save it as a restorable .NBU file.4. SMS Merging Made Easy
Click the [open] button to select/multi-select your backup files or just drag-n-drop them in. Check the favorite text messages in each box. And [Save]. Noki Gems will take care of the rest.Limitations:
* 30 entries limit for each file and total 100 messages limit.


License Type:Shareware

Date Added:16 September, 2012



Size:1.6 MB

Platform: Macintosh

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