NodeScan is a cross-platform sharing software that is accessible and easy to use. Besides sharing files you can also use the program to create chat windows and communicate with your friends.This software will not run properly if launched from inside the zip file. Please make sure to extract the folder or otherwise copy the contents to your computer first.Clicking an account (row) in the accounts window will select the host for that account for subsequent connections. For example clicking "Find" in the Search window will search that host, clicking "Join" in the Chat window will establish a chat session on that host etc.Most services do not require the user to be logged in. Instant Messaging does.Double clicking a username in the list on the right in the Chat window will create a private message addressed to that user.How to use:
1. Start up NodeScan Server by double clicking the "NodeScan Server" application.2. If all is well the server should show all green check marks indicating all the services are running.3. Launch the NodeScan Client application.4. Click the "Message" button (or choose "Accounts " from the Edit Menu). Make sure the Accounts tab is selected then add a new account and type the address shown at the top of the NodeScan Server window into the Host field. (This host can be modified later via the "Hosts" window.)5. Click Save to close the Account window then click Log in in the Accounts window. The client should log in and ask you to register. If authentication fails please try changing the user name and logging in again.6. At any time you can check the connection to the server by clicking the small computer icon next to the status box in the Toolbar window. It should reply "NodeScan host replied. Welcome to NodeScan...". You can change the host to connect to by selecting it in the Accounts window. For most activities it is not necessary to log in.7. You can now safely hide the server out of the way.8. Click on the "Share" button in the NodeScan Client toolbar. Double click the "attachment" file icon in the top left to select a file to upload. You can also drag and drop files on top of this icon.9. Enter a couple of key words (separated by commas or spaces) and a password, if desired.10. Press "Upload" and then close the Sharing window. The Transfer Manager window should open to show the progress of the upload.11. After the file transfer is completed, open the Search window, type one of the key words you entered for the file then press the return key on your keyboard (or click "Find"). You can also search for words in the file name, or list files by type.12. The file which you uploaded should appear in the list of search results. It will have a locked icon next to it if you entered a password.13. Double-click the entry, or select it and click the "Download" button, and enter the password if required. The file should begin downloading.14. Try uploading some other files and performing searches using the "Find" pop-up menu at the bottom of the Search window.Requirements:
* Java


License Type:Freeware

Date Added:25 June, 2012




Size:7.4 MB

Platform: Macintosh

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