This Sequence Editor developed at the Robert Koch Institute in Berlin, Germany aims to make the design of PCR and Multiplex Pyrosequencing assays based on nucleotide alignments easier.Supported formats
Several formats are supported for loading and saving files. Expect this list to grow with time, as theprogram is designed to make adding supported formats easy.1. FASTA (import and export)
The default FASTA format can be both imported and exported. When exporting, two choices are available: The Blank FASTA file, which is a normal FASTA file and can be read by almost any sequence editor, has the disadvantage of losing grouping information (since the FASTA format does not provide any way to encode metadata). The other option, FASTA file, saves a file in a somewhat extended FASTA format. This file can still be read by most sequence editors, but it contains grouping information which is encoded in the name of each sequence and may be confusing for other users. As such, when saving files in order to exchange data with colleagues not using the RKI Sequence editor, the Blank FASTA file is likely to be the most appropriate choice.
Files saved in the FASTA format lose all annotation information in any case.2. RSF (import and export)
The Rich Sequence Format (RSF) is a format used by the software SeqLab. It is also the default format for the RKI Sequence Editor since it allows the saving of metadata. It is currently the only supported format which allows the saving of all grouping, annotation and primer information.
As a result, it is recommended to save files in the RKI Sequence Editor using the Rich Sequence Format and only to export to one of the other supported format when data is exchanged with colleagues using another editor.3. Geneious (export only)
The Geneious format is supported only for exporting files. It can be read by the bioinformatics workbench Geneious. Using this file format preserves annotation and grouping - however, since Geneious has no concept of sequence grouping within a single alignment, grouping information is impactfully lost when using this format.Requirements:
* Java


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