MOBILedit! Phone Copier


Copy all content from phone to phone. MOBILedit! Phone Copier is the perfect tool for phone migrations. Customers no longer have to deal with the headache of entering contacts into a new phone. With MOBILedit! Phone Copier, both the old phone and the new phone are connected to the PC and all the data is copied from one to the other. The manufacturer and model of the phones do not matter. We support thousands of combinations. MOBILedit! Phone Copier supports connections via Bluetooth, infrared or cable. This is a strategic solution for operators and phone sellers, especially with the launch of 3G.Mobile phone users no longer have to worry about being bound to an old phone for the sake of keeping all their content. It is no longer necessary to go through the painful process of entering all the contacts into a new phone. There is also no reason to worry about not having all the file folders from your old phone in the new phone. The MOBILedit! Phone Copier quickly and easily copies all this content over to a new phone. Mobile phone users can feel more comfortable with purchasing a new phone knowing they are not losing any information. With the new wave of 3G technology rolling out around the world, many people are wanting to buy these new phones but fear parting ways with all the content in their old phone. Compelson Labs has eliminated this fear so that mobile phone users can feel comfortable with buying a new handset.The MOBILedit! Phone Copier is the perfect solution for cellular retail stores, mobile operators, and phone manufacturers. This is a B2B product that is not for individual consumers. MOBILedit! Phone Copier belongs at the front desk of every phone store so that a customer can simply hand his old phone to the clerk and have all the content copied over to the new phone being purchased.Limitations:
* Writing changes to devices is not possible until you activate.
* A short text ("Sent by MOBILedit.") is appended to the outgoing text messages
* Only five dials and one file download are possible before the next restart of the program. However, you can still make backups. A restore can only be performed after the purchase

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License Type:Shareware

Date Added:13 July, 2012



Size:50.2 MB

Platform: Macintosh

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