What is it?mIRCStats is an easy-to-use IRC log analyzer for channel log files created with any IRC client, for example with mIRC. It creates graphical HTML pages consisting of channel activity stats, user reports, detailed personal stats, tables about channel topics, most used words, URLs and all kinds of miscellaneous information extracted from the log files. It can also upload the pages to your WWW server to be viewed by your channel mates. mIRCStats key features * Configured with an easy Windows user interface * mIRCStats can be easily adapted to understand logs created with any IRC client * Outputs over 20 different stats sections (full version) in selected language * Multiple-page html layouts can be freely configured * Built-in FTP client takes care of uploading the fresh stats to your web page * mIRCStats can also send messages about updated stats to your channel through mIRC * Stats updates can be easily automated. See help file for more info.. mIRCStats - State-of-the-Art IRC channel stats software for Windows. mIRCStats is chat room statistics software for Windows that generates stats in html format and uploads them to your web site.

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Published By:Mikko 'Ave' Auvinen

License Type:Shareware

Date Added:06 March, 2011




Size:1.9 MB

Platform: Windows All

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