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Listening music? Watching movies? Playing games? You will always find what you want. New excelent library software for your media. Everything free to try for your first 30 media. Unbelievable support for IMDB info. You will be informed about each movie in your collection. With CDDB support you can give audio CD in library together with info about content. Defining visibility filters for media content you will have new sight on your media. You will see only important files in your collection. Excelent finding you can find movies from selected actor/actress, you can find all movies of specified group(genre). 11 basic groups 16 movies groups(genres). You can export your library to Microsoft Excel together with IMDB info and send it to your friends. And you can print covers for your standard or slim DVD boxes.


License Type:Shareware

Date Added:27 September, 2012



Size:2.5 MB

Platform: Macintosh

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Absolute Media Library is a database program for cataloging and tracking all types of physical media like Books, CDs, DVDs, or any format you can think of. Abs also tracks people who you lend items to, keeps inventory, and can generate reports.

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Absolute Media Library

Zero Media Convertor Studio Pack is the most powerful multimedia conversion tool that includes FOUR outstanding multimedia applications: 1- Video Converter2- Video Merge / Split3- Video 2 Audio Converter4- Audio Converter Zero Media Convertor Studio

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Windows Media Encoder Studio Edition is an exciting new addition to the Windows Media tools family.
It is a strong tool for video experts, optimized for the creation of high-quality offline encoding using Microsofts implementation of the VC-1 video

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La tua collezione di musica e video sta diventando talmente ampia che non riesci pi? a trovare file desiderati? Risolvi il problema con llaiuto di Media Catalog Studio, una comoda applicazione che permette di classificare file multimediali o CD.

DateSep 25, 2014


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Media Catalog Studio Lite