A free open-source disk cataloger. Manxam is a software that can catalog your disks and files. Manxam has built-in support for identifying and analyzing many common file types (see the list of supported file types), and can extract detailed information from those files. The extracted information can be browsed with the Volume Browser window and searched upon with the Search window.Certain dialogs ask you to enter a value in device-independent units. WPF assumes that one physical inch on the monitor contains 96 device-independent units. Many monitors do have this DPI, and for those monitors 96 device-independent units will be equal to one physical inch. However, some monitors have a different DPI. Furthermore, the user can change the systems impactful DPI in the Control Panels display properties.Requirements:
* PostSQL Server
* NET Framework

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License Type:Freeware

Date Added:12 July, 2012




Size:93.1 MB

Platform: Macintosh

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