Lovely Tiny Console


Console shell, encrypter and hasher. Lovely Tiny Console GS is graphical shell of the console with ergonomic and functional interface. It is able to remember commands and gives capability to work with console input and output with mouse.Lovely Tiny Console remembers size and position of the window and allows customization of color of window, font and background, font family and size and amount of commands to be remembered. It has the capability "Quick Directories" - there is capability to write down 10 directories in options window and access them via F1 - F10 keys. And functions Custom Instruments - for quick launching of applications with graphical interface - and Console Utilities - for quick launching console applications.LTC GS is able to crypt and hash files. For crypting algorithms are used - Raiden, modified XTEA and my own quick stream cipher LTCC, that can whistand statistical analysis. For hashing following algorithms are used - MD5, CRC and my own LTCH. There is capability to crypt and hash files less than 2 GBytes in size and it will be good if two images of the file will fit in free RAM - not to use page file.


License Type:Shareware

Date Added:07 August, 2012



Size:435.5 KB

Platform: Macintosh

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