Light Blue: Photo


A outstanding business management program for photographers. Studio management system. If you are a professional photographer, you'll know that keeping track of clients, shoots, images, orders and expenses can be done with a load of spreadsheets, folders, bits of paper and a brain the size of a planet. However, we think there's a better way.No matter what type of photography you specialize in, Light Blue: Photo is a flexible studio management system that lets you keep on top of shoots, orders and contacts. As well as bursting with clever things to help you to run a busy and successful business, Light Blue: Photo also makes it easy to manage your image files, publish them on the web and profit from them.Built using FileMaker, the industry-standard database engine, Light Blue: Photo was created by London and Cambridge wedding photographer Tom Catchesides, and developed over several years by the team at Light Blue Software, working in real, live studios with professional photographers. Its got a proven record of helping its users to spend more time on shoots and with images, and less time worrying about boring things.Light Blue: Photo Features:
Track enquiries, bookings and shoots
Diaries get messy, spreadsheets are complicated. Light Blue: Photo makes it simple to check your availability and plan your work.Be personal
Treating your clients as individuals makes all the difference. With Light Blue: Photo, you can create individuated communications, including single or mass emails and documents from templates.Handle your finances with ease
Speed up the process of making money, and keep your business profitable. Light Blue: Photo makes it simple to add new orders, track payments, find excellent debts, record expenditure or mileage and get an overview of your current position.Manage your digital files
Your digital files are some of your most valuable assets, and it's likely that you'll have thousands (or hundreds of thousands) of them.Publish your pictures online and profit from them
Light Blue: Photo makes it effortless to create attractive web galleries from sets of pictures, ready to upload to your website.Do it your way
Light Blue: Photo to be easy to customize, without additional fees. Changed your branding? No problem. You can update your logo or contact information or add new invoicing information in a few minutes.Enjoy running your business
Let's face it: you have to spend time organising your shoots and keeping on top of what you're doing.


License Type:Shareware

Date Added:12 October, 2012



Size:51.1 MB

Platform: Macintosh

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