Latency Optimizer


The perfect tool for reducing the high latency you might experience while playing games and using applications. In many cases high latency is caused by the lack of periodical operating system services, and by improperly configured internet, registry and network device settings. Latency Optimizer offers you various tools to boost your PC and internet connection!

Three predefined optimization modes - are used to increase your internet connection performance and reduce lag.

Advanced settings - here you can save/load your individual configuration settings at any time to be flexible when using Latency Optimizer.

Performance Recorder - Records your computers performance while playing games or using applications. A detailed log file will be created!

Speed Test - shows you the results of your ping, upload and download burst rates during your test from your location to the location of a test server you choose.

Latency Test - measures how quickly a small data packet can get from your workstation/laptop to a server somewhere located in the world and back.

Startup Manager - stops unnecessary applications being loaded on startup of your operating system.

System cleaner - cleans temporary files, history, cookies, form history, index.dat files of various web browsers, recycle bin, temporary files, log files, clipboard, DNS cache, error reporting, memory dumps, third-party applications, temp files, recent file lists and many more.

Disk cleaner - frees up space on your hard disk to improve the performance of your computer. The tool searches and identifies files/data that you can safely delete and lets you to choose whether you want to delete some or all of the identified files/data.

Free RAM Tool - can automatically optimize your system, balancing levels between your memory cache and the computer's speed, to make your computer perform faster.

First Aid Kit - is specially designed to fix common IP and Winsock related issues.


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Published By:Badosoft

License Type:Shareware

Date Added:07 August, 2017




Size:7.3 MB

Platform: Windows , WinOther , WinVista , WinVista x64

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