Lansweeper is a strong freeware solution without any embedded ads to make a complete software, hardware, asset inventory of your windows network.
No need to install a client on your workstations, all scanning is done through the use of WMI, fileshares and remote registry access.
You can use lansweeper with unlimited clients (no restrictions)
One lansweeper service can handle over 10.000 clients (depending on your server specifications)Network inventory advantages:
* Automatic inventory of all your Windows clients.
* No need to install clients on the workstations.
* Query and store the registry keys you specify from all your clients.
* Find unknown running processes, spyware, browser hijacks, ... running in your company.
* Use the webconsole or custom queries to use your gathered information.
* Combine the information found with active directory details.
* Lansweeper stores all information in SQL server (or in the free SQL Express version)Advantages of hardware and program inventory done by lansweeper:
Most commercial applications are very expensive and are licensed on a "per device" model. The only limitations of lansweeper are the speed of your server and your bandwidth. By using free databases like MSDE and SQL express you can make your own queries and reports to enhance the program.
Software inventory problems in other applications:
* You have to install clients (software / agents) on your workstations.
* Scanning is triggered or scheduled at time intervals.
* Laptop users coming into your network only every 2 months aren't scanned.
* Scanning takes a long time.
* You do not get all the information you want from the scans.
* You cannot scan for custom files or registry keys.
Lansweeper solves these network inventory problems with a simple line in the logon script of each user.
The first time somebody logs on at a new computer the computer is automatically scanned and all hardware and program inventory is done.
Lansweeper is scanning much more useful information than other programs:* User data, pictures, groups, logon times, ...
* All hardware information you could ever need
* All installed software, patches and available licenses
* All computer configuration information
* All windows configuration information
* All Active Directory user and computer details
* All running processes
* Custom registry keys that you specify
* Internet Explorer addons, bars, BHO's and activeX controlsFreeware version:
* How Lansweeper works
* Use the configuration browser to find all hardware and program installed.
* Active directory user details and picture integration.
* 80 hardware, program and server reports included.
* Query custom registry keys and use this information in your reports.
* Query custom file information and use this information in your reports.
* Extend Lansweeper with all action scripts you could ever need.
* Wake On Lan integration.
* Vendor asset tag integration.
* Maintain allowed program in your company.
* Track program license usage.
* Track operating system license usage.
* Alert reporting to find computers not compliant with your policies.Premium users:
* Access to the latest version of the premium service and all the premium tools, updates and beta's for one year.
* Access to the premium support forum.
* Active scanning : no need for lsclient.
* Active directory computer integration.
* Report builder : build new reports to extend the lansweeper interface.
* Report explorer : easy way to export all your lansweeper reports to Excel, html, XML
* Remote control : take remote control of your clients from the action screen to assist them with their problems.
* Remote screenshot : take remote screenshots of your clients from the action screen to assist them with their problems.
* LsTrigger : trigger a complete rescan of your clients from the action screen.
* Lsrunase 2.0, Supercrypt 2.0 : runas tools that allow encrypted passwords.How Lansweeper works
Lansweeper scans the following items:
* User data
Each client that logs onto the target computer, Defined windows users, Defined windows groups, Which users are in which local groups
* Hardware
Parallelports, PCMCIAController, PointingDevice, PortableBattery, PortConnectors, Modems, Processor, SCSIControllers, SerialPort, SoundDevices, TapeDrives, Terminal settings, USBControllers VideoController, Network cards and configuration, harddisks information, All defined services + information, floppy drives, baseboard, Battery information, Bios information, busses, Cdrom's, List drivers for devices, Computer system info (hardware), IDEControllers, infraredDevice, keyboard, Logical software groups, OnBoard Devices
* Software installed
Software, Codecs, COMApplications, ComponentCategories, Compsystem product, DCOMApplications, QuickFixEngineering (installed patches)
* Configuration
Bootconfiguration, Desktop configuration, Desktop monitor configuration, Defined diskpartitions, Displayconfiguration, Displaycontroller configuration, Environment settings, Defined proxyserver, Extension info actions
* Windows information
Defined shares, printers, Operating system info, Networkclients, OS Recovery Configuration, PageFile configuration
* Active Directory
Active Directory User objects, Active Directory Computer objects
* Processes
Autorun programs, Running processes
* Registry
Registry Keys you specify
* Internet Explorer
Internet Explorer downloaded ActiveX controls, Internet Explorer Extensions, Internet Explorer Bars, Internet Explorer Browser Helper Objects
* Extra
Last scan for each item, error logging, configuration errors.


License Type:Freeware

Date Added:05 August, 2012




Size:16.5 MB

Platform: Macintosh

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