L!ght Deluxe


L!ght Deluxe is a logical puzzle game from Nemo Games with an innovative design. If you're seeking an addictive puzzle game, L!ght Deluxe will be your choice!Your main goal is to direct light-rays from lights sources to light receivers! You are provided with tools like mirrors, light filters, prisms, etc. So, is that all there is to this game? You really think?! Well, to get you started on what's going on, yes you CAN manipulate the items to reach your goal, BUT you can't have them to stop where ever you want, not that easily! There are several tutorial through out the game to get you started. We have provided two levels of difficulty, a 'Normal Mode' and a 'Hard Mode'. If you want to challenge your mind play in 'Hard Mode', of course you could always choose 'Normal Mode' to relax your mind and enjoy yourself.You can create your own levels with the use of our L!ght Deluxe Level Editor. Upload Your Levels to our website and share them with the people all around the world for Free! We will pack the best received levels for you so you can download them from our website therefore you can play a lot of levels designed by other people for Free!L!ght Deluxe Set Features:
1. 2 Levels of difficulty.
2. More than 100 unique levels.
3. Built-in level editor (the one we used ourselves)
4. Dynamic background colors.
5. Perfect musics to concentrate your mind.
6. Supports add-on musics.
7. Create and share your own levels.

Light Deluxe - L Ght Deluxe - Nemo Games - Game - Pc - Desktop - Iphone - Ipad - Ipod Touch - Touch - Puzzle - Platformer - Fun - Addictive Games - Ipad2 - Android

Published By:nemo-games.com

License Type:Shareware

Date Added:26 September, 2012



Size:6.0 MB

Platform: Macintosh

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