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KriptoDrive is computer software designed to provide security and protection for your computer data. KriptoDrive is ideally suited for laptop and desktop computers and offers the strongest data encryption algorithms (AES - 128, 192 or 256 bit). It stores data into hidden encrypted containers which are viewed and manipulated only by authorized person in the same way as traditional hard disks in computer system, making them very easy to use and transparent to the user and any third party programs. It can provide ultimate security to your business data and your privacy. KriptoDrive also supports USB, and other external drives protection. Implemented 100% in C++ language, it makes your documents truly safe, so nobody can read them or manipulate them without your consent. KriptoDrive's encrypted disks can contain folder/file structure like ordinary disks. More information can be found on Google.

Hidding Data - Privacy Protection - Data Protection - Disk Protection - Encryption

Published By:KriptoDrive

License Type:Freeware

Date Added:07 March, 2011




Size:819.2 KB

Platform: Win XP/2000/Vista

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