Kahlown is a screen recording software, It capture screen and makes a video file while running in the background (hidden). It is a hidden screen recording software, Actually it is a computer screen spy.Kahlown is a screen serveillence system that provides convenience to track all the graphical activities going on on a single computer screen. It automatically start on windwos start up and runs in a hidden mode without letting the current user know that screen is being recorded or captured.It automatically starts screen recording as soon as it runs. It creates new file when the first file reaches the maximum length allowed by avi format.It lists files in the video list as soon as it is finished. Current file will not show in the list until it is completed.Download the trial version for quick demostration of the screen recording software. Trial lists video file after five minutes, so you can playback the file.Software provides ability to password protect so that no one else has access to the program and the videos files created by it. Easy to user inteface, use hot key to make it visible or invisible. Hot key is Control + Alt + F10.Software is configurable to start at windows startup. When you configure this program it configure for all the users for that system if the current user has access to configure it for all users otherwise it configures for current user.Kahlown works as parental control program for parents who want to track kids while they are using computer/internet.Requirements:
* NET FrameworkLimitations:
* Trial lists video file after five minutes, so you can playback the file

Published By:lesoftrejion.net

License Type:Shareware

Date Added:01 November, 2012



Size:13.3 MB

Platform: Macintosh

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