Edit your MIDI files with this tool. javaDAW is a simple, easy-to-use Java based sequencer specially designed for playing and manipulating MIDI files.javaDAW is an open-source Java Sequencer for playing and manipulating MIDI files, however the source code is not available yet but will be in the future when everything is stable. JavaDAW can be used without a license, it is just a "fun" project to test the boundaries of java and music. javaDAW is totally build in Java and uses the VST plugin solution of Martin Roth. This means most common VST plugins can be used.
In javaDAW you may create MIDI clips and add midi notes to each clip with a click of your mouse. Insert a Midi track, assign a VST Plugin to a track (F3) and hit the play button after insert a midi file of course.
You can also create and import audio clips.javaDAW Features:
1. Using ASIO or JAVA Sound.
2. Importing and exporting (multiple) MIDI files.
3. Importing and exporting .wav files.
4. Drag and drop functionality for these files directly form the Desktop.
5. Manipulate clips and MIDI notes (delete, copy, etc.....)
6. Quantisize MIDI notes and clips.
7. Add and connect MIDI controllers to javaDAW.
8. Recording directly form your MIDI controller.
9. Quantisize MIDI notes when recording.
10. Scale up and down when in the clip of midi edit area.
11. Add, copy and remove MIDI and Audio tracks.
12. Play and hit the follow button.
13. Use automation on volume and modulation (midi messages).
14. Use (S)tep mode to learn a piano piece.
15. Follow a score presentation of your MIDI file.
16. Use the step sequencer and MIDI keyboard to learn a piece.
17. Change VST plugins whenever you like.
18. Add FX VST plugins whenever you like.
19. Add and adjust automation per track for volume and modulation.
20. Adjust the edit areas for the note and clip editing.
21. Save and read project files.
22. Add pattern files for drum, base and organ directly into your project.
23. Place the channel controls left or right from the clippanel.
24. Latency below 10 mSecs.Requirements:
* Java


License Type:Freeware

Date Added:05 September, 2012




Size:4.6 MB

Platform: Macintosh

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